Thursday, July 12, 2007

Muy caliente!

Am I learning Spanish and French?
Anderson is on the show from LA! So beautiful!


yukako said...


Pati Mc said...

Hey Mio!

How did you get this photo on here so fast!??? WOW!!!!

KAWAIIIIII!!!!! very very much!

Please Mio, tell me that you will get a photo of Anderson from the Planet In Peril tonight with the scruff/almost beard on his face! Honetly I felt that my heart was going to burst and I almost started to cry! My gosh, he is so handsome that it should be against the law. I cannot breathe! Never has he looked more handsome!


Soupy Twist said...

Pati MC, you are not the only one! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it. Normally, I don't like stubble (Except on Hugh Laurie when he's Dr. House), but he looked freakin' hot with it! I squealed and my mom looked at me like I had lost my mind. I want more Anderstubble (or Anderscruff, which ever you prefer to call it)!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I'm not the only one who found the Anderstubble hot. I was wondering what he'd look like with it, and there he was. I second the motion for Anderstubble pictures!


Christiane said...

¡Me encanta que te interese aprender español!

Si necesitas practicarlo, me puedes contactar en total confianza.

Délie said...

I join the club! Anderson in Yellowstone is ILLEGALLY handsome! Thanks to you, I'm not feeling insane for shouting alone in front of my TV screen! I'm sure my neighbors start to be worried for me.

I will make some screen caps of this segment this week-end. I already did them from the podcast but they are too small!

It's also nice to read some Spanish here! :-).

Mio, you should teach us more Japanese. Why not a word or expression once per week?

anne carter said...

Oh,my when I saw Anderson on the roof in LA last night,I shouted 'he's on',and looking sooo
handsome,but when the PIP segment came on,I thought my heart would stop!He looked so gorgeous and sexy
with that rugged looking stubble-I wish I had recorded it,but I am hoping it will be in the PIP special in the Fall.
I hope you can post some screencaps
from the show Mio!

mio_bella said...

Yukako & Pati,
I knew I wouldn't blog about Thursday show as soon as the show came to an end. So I recorded the preview and posted this picture before the show started. Just like everyone else, I got really excited and couldn't help posting it!

Pati, ST, Pebbles,
STUBBLE! I awfully love it! I wish I could stroke his face.

Thank you for your Spanish comment. I noticed you are using some "foreign words" in your blog(Are you THAT christiane?) and I had no idea what language they are. Are you fluent in Spanish? Sounds really cool!

Yeah! His stubble... That's ILLEGAL! HEINOUS! POISONOUS! Planet in Peril... That segment itself is PERILOUS to us!

I'm sorry you didn't record the show last night. I did and I've already seen that segment 5 times. I can watch it all the night! Why not turn to podcast? I'm going to add Thusday podcast to my ipod and go to bed with it and watch it again and again.