Friday, July 27, 2007

Mmm, daughnut!

I was pretty peppy today. I went swimming after my work. It's almost 0:00am and I'm full of pep. I think I can start watching the whole AC360 now, but I don't think it's a nice idea. I just turn to podcast.

Speaking of podcasting...

He finally mentioned "iPhone" instead of iPod. I think everybody has checked out new podcasting promo. I am not so sure if the picture is suitable. Anderson always says you don't need an iPod, and he has one in her hand.

They were talking a little bit about the Simpsons.

Mmmm, daughnut.

Wait, Tom! That's what Anderson should say! The moment I thought so, Anderson himself said that.

"Mmmmm ......" is one of my favorite Andermoments. I try to capture Mmm moment every time he says this.

And I love Anderson with his finger on the lip! THAT is Anderson!

Other than these, which moment do you like?
Dimples? Sure!
Byceps? Yummy!


Délie said...

You're so right, Mio. Anderson says each time "You don't need an Ipod" and he brandishs one!

Dimples, dimples, dimples(You know me , Mio, each time I talk about dimples, I have to say it 3 times!). I love dimples!

Have a good night and sweet dreams.

mio_bella said...

You posted the comment exactly the same time! (I posted one for the previous article.) I had two message alart at the same time! How exciting!!

Dimples! Dimples!! Dimples!!!

All right, I remember to say three times from now on!

Délie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Délie said...

Sorry for the previous deleted comment. I wanted to write links to some CNN videos (Art of life with Tom Ford). But the URLs were too long and useless for the readers...
Well, if you are interested in watching this CNN International's show, 3 videos are now available on (+ another ITW).

Jan said...

Mio--I like the dimples, dimples, dimples, but I LOVE anything to do with the hands. heehee

Have a good weekend

Soupy Twist said...

For a moment I thought Anderson would say "mmmmm, doughnuts" but he didn't, which sort of surprised me. I thought his "simpsonization" was cute.

I love his dimples...and biceps... and stubble...and when he has his blackberry...and when he's on the laptop...and pretty much anything at any moment I like.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for the information. Was it a fascinating report? Rerun of Art of Life will be broadcasting tonight and I'm watching it!

Jan & ST
Just like everybody here, I love every single part of Anderson! That's why you are here! Let's celebrate how attractive Anderson is! Hoorah!