Saturday, July 14, 2007


I have a lot to blog about for Friday's show. But I am too crazy to write anything intelligent.


Again, from LA. During the winter, I get bored when Anderson was live from LA studio. He was always sitting on the desk with the same angle. I could concentrate only on his beautiful face but I really love to see him from 360 view.

Mmm, Ramen

Mmm, Ethanol

I could hear people shout from around the world as soon as this segment started!

Not yet scruffy. Beaudiful.
Mmm, Anderchest!

Mmm, chest!

Mmm, Anderstare!

Walking this way... (He is wearing a silver wrist watch! Not his usual black one with white face.)

Be careful.

Mmm, Andertummy! So cute!!

I know you need even more!

You need more? I do have some more. If you want, I'll send you other Anderpics!

Are you a "soccer (not 'football')" fan? I do like watching soccer games. I loved David Beckham when he was playing for France World Cup. That's 10 years ago!? He was a very talented, devoted and promising soccer player. After that, he married a spicegirl. At that time, I love that group and I used to sing their songs at karaoke. Actually, I often played a part of "posh." This spicegirl has changed that soccercrazy young boy into a star. I don't know if it was good for him or not but the more people got crazy in David, the more I hate him. Are they really interested in his magnificent skills? He is talented really, but it is sad if people like him just because of how he looks. Now he is in the city of paparazzi, he is very likely to become "Paris Hilton of soccer player."

YUCK! People are soaked in a real broth? I wonder how they smell after they come out of the "bowl."

Kids in the ramen bowl are so cute! They are just about to eat. Would an American amusement company steal that idea? I'm skeptical... You are not so silly as us! Seeing The SHOT, I assume AC360 likes all the silly Japanese videos.

Mmm, noodles.


Lavendar Blue said...

I would be lying if I said I wouldn't get into a ramen spa with scruffy Anderson.

mmm ramen.

Soupy Twist said...

Man, how I love his T-shirts! I motion that he should wear tees and polos more often (and also have a little anderscruff)

I used to be a football fan. (I never liked the term soccer. I always called it "real football" because that's what it is! American football should not be called "football!" Okay, enough with my rant.) I liked Beckham for a bit, and I do believe that I can bend it like Beckham a bit...well not really... Is it just me or do you guys think that Posh needs to gain more weight. I mean, I think she looked fine back when she was with the Spice Girls, but now she seems way to skinny.

I wonder if there's any health benefits to the ramen bath? I thought one of the little kids would eat some, but they didn't so I was glad. I don't know if I would want to take a ramen bath, but if Andy was in then I would get in for sure (who wouldn't)!

mizzkel said...

Was the ramen thing from Japan? It looks gross, and then when you think about those kids being in there, and what is the #1 thing kids do in a pool? Yes, pee in the pool, so I wouldn't be eating those noodles or drinking the broth! Time for a good shower with some antibacterial when you get out!!LOL

(I had the same reaction to a mud bath. They don't change the mud, just heat it to a degree which "sanitizes it". Well, you don't know how many people were in there before you, what bodily functions they did, and if they really made it sanitary!)

Jan said...

Mio, thanks for all the caps. He sure seemed to be having fun in LA.

I vote for tight tee shirts and scruffy Anderson more often. Maybe we will get polo shirt Monday from NOLA.

Hope the weather over there isn't to bad for you. I see Gary Tuchman is over there on vacation and is now working the story.

Pati Mc said...

Dear Anderson,

Please stop shaving.



Dear Mio - you have done it again. Provided us with the best photos of Anderson anywhere! Bless you!

I bet dear Anderson had no idea the hype and heart palpatations that he would cause around the world by simply not shaving. Could he be any more handsome? Not possible. And that soft hair! Ah!

All The Best!

mio_bella said...

I was tired and I fell asleep right after I posted this blog, without even turning off the PC! Sorry, I didn't reply to all the comments you left for previous posts. Later I will.

Scruffy Anderson stewed in the broth... Mmm, ramen!

I once heard that for American people, soccer is for a sport for girls and women as boys/men turn to American football. I remember this when I saw Randy Kaye interview soccer girls. Posh does need weight but what is needed more is modesty, I think. She is bossing around David too obviously and sometimes that British superstar looks so miserable.

Pee in the soup!! Anderson said "some amazing video,....maybe pea soup, that's nice," something like this. He might have meant "pee soup" instead of "pea soup!" YIKES!!

I once tried mud bath. But I don't want to go back any more. It is said the mud will clean out all the dirt from your pore. This sounds nice, but where do all the dirt go? Of course they'll be well-blended in the mud bathrub! YIKES!

Thank you for reminding me! I forgot to write about Monday's show! We can expect him to see another sexy Anderson from NOLA. That's what I was going to write.
Now the typhoon has gone out of my area and sky is really clear. I love this weather because all the rain has washed away all the mud on the tree, building & everywhere! Everything looks so pretty. (However, there should be a lot of broken things on the ground.)

I vote for it! I love that subbles. How I wish I could touch his cheek, chin.. everywhere!!

Whatever he does, whatever he says, however he looks, these are all big news to crazy Anderfans. How many people in the world are shouting during his show? He can never imagine that.

Soupy Twist said...

It's pretty much like that I think, as American Football is more popular here than soccer. I think it's just the fact that it seems more of the manly sport. (I say drop the pads and play rugby if you want rough!)

Anonymous said...

I love it when he says "Mmmmm..." It makes me laugh even if he regularly says that. He sounds cute saying it. Anderson and Tom was really having a good time during The Shot. I'm liking their tandem. They can't stop themselves from laughing and from the way Anderson reacted I don't think you'll be finding him near any ramen spa ever.


Délie said...


You remind me so good memories with the 1998 football's World Cup! As French, football is very important in my life. You can't avoid it! I'm not a fan of Beckham. I was more impressed by Owen. I'm more into Brazilian, Argentinan, Spanish or even Italian (if my colleagues read that, I'm dead!) teams and players.
But I'm curious to see what Beckham will do with the L.A. Galaxy.

mio_bella said...

Football has evolved into American football, which garner a vast popularity there. But I think soccer is more sophisticated sport. All you need is a ball and everyone, from the rich to the poor, can play it. Sometimes skills of soccer players are artistic.

Yeah, "Mmmmmmm...." is one of my favorite Anderese (or Anderish?) words, too.
Mmmmm, AnderTom stew! Yum!

That's right! It's your city that World Cup was held! And you have Zizou! It was just one year ago when Coup du Monde was held and that head butt thing happened. How is Zizou doing now? Is he still playing somewhere? He is the best soccer player in our generation.
I don't like Owen so much but I like Totti! I love his chiseled face and enormously broad chest!

Délie said...


As far as I know, Zizou is fine, doing some charity events in Algeria and Indonesia. And of course, he appears in lots of commercials. He is cute and a very nice man, very kind. The head butt was a nightmare! Something we still can't forget...and understand! It was a schok!