Saturday, July 07, 2007

Make a Wish

No Anderson tonight and let me introduce one of Japanese custom.

July 7th is called "Tanabata" in Japanese. As legend goes, once a year, on this day, a female star Vega and a male star Altair have a date. They are so happy and they try to make everyone's dream come true.
People write their wish on a strip of paper and tied it to a bamboo tree. In my class today, I had my students write their wishes and put it on the bulletin board. I had to make several explanation.
  • I wish for the success of my diet!
  • I wish for a lot of ice cream!
Students said to me immediately, "You've just said you'd go on a diet!!" Yeah, I too easily forget that I should be on a diet! And I am eating a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Those stars won't hear my wish.
What's your wish?


Oh, this is our ultimate goal. And possibility is close to zero. I often say that I would marry my beau unless I win Anderson's heart. And I know I will say that I won't devorce him unless I win Anderson's heart.

That wish is something that cannot be realized. So how about this?


I, we, rather, need to see you, Anderson. There are millions of people craving for you.

Didn't you say "No Anderson?"


anne carter said...

hi again Mio,
That is a lovely idea,writing your wishes on paper-I wish you the best
on Tanabata.
I think you made a wish we all want-Anderson!I really want him to come back,too.
Your mention of ice cream and cookies made me wish for a snack!
You are a very busy lady,Mio.How do find enough hours in the day to get everything done?

mio_bella said...

Hi Anne,
I was eating cookies just before I went to bed. Now it's morning here and I don't feel good. I regret having eaten that much...

AC360 website says;
A possible rape prevented, a terrorist plot uncovered -- all because a camera's watching. But if the eyes in the sky work, why does the U.S. have so few? "AC 360°" investigates, Monday 10 ET.

"AC360"? Not Anderson?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio: No, I am not in college. I am a stupid woman in her 30's who has a full time job but decided to get a piano teacher's certificate after not having played the piano seriously for years. Big mistake! For one thing, I am not young anymore. My memory is terrible and my fingers are stuck all the time. I still have quite a few more exams to go. My music history exam is in early August. A lot of "fun". By the way, do you like Miyuki Nakajima's music? Her music is my other passion, apart from watching Anderson Cooper. Beppu.

mio_bella said...

Hi Beppu,
You need a qualification to teach the piano in your country? In Japan, I guess anyone who can teach the piano can have a teaching job unless you want to belong to a certain organization. There are some organizations and each of them has its own test. As for me, I do have a license to teach at public schools.

You like Miyuki Nakajima! I'm not a big fan of her but her rendition is unique and outstanding. Is she famous in Canada?