Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lots of Andersmiles!

It's your turn, Anderson!

Hi, Anderson! How adorable! Nice smile to start tonight's show!

I am really concerned about global warming. I'm going to melt away.

"I didn't know snowman sounds like that."

He was in a silly moode again! Yay!

Literally China lets people eat "Planet in Peril." I felt so sick to see those exotic animals cooked and served in a dish.

However, I remember having seen some Japanese celebrities eat tigers in China about a decade ago. Those stupid celebrities were eating so many disgusting foods. That was their job. They had to show courage and try eating them. For me, that was so disgusting. There are some stupid persons who are willing to pay a large amount of money to eat such Chinese delicacy just for curiosity. I seldom watch those stupid TV shows these days, but they used to air such a kind pretty often. I guess many Japanese people know that if you want to eat strange things, you can definitely find some in China. Even so, Sanjay is in China NOW and still finds those menu, which startled me.

PEBBLES!! It's your turn to feel awkward!

I slesyd feel embarrassed when they show stupid videos from Japan, like "seaman ship" or "ramen spa." How did you feel when you saw a weird video from your country, Pebbles?

As long as we can see Andergiggles, any video will do!


Soupy Twist said...

Awww! He looks so adorable when he smiles. I love it.

The second screen cap of him where he's looking off to the side reminds me of one of his father's pictures. Boy do they look a like.

Jan said...

So I know a lot of you are not from the United States, but does anyone else worried about these You Tube debates going over? I worry that they won't and Anderson will get the blame for them. I know that he is involved in picking them out.

Mio great caps as usual. It is good to see him smiling again. It seems like unless he is in another location he has been kind of grim when in New York.

anne carter said...

Oh,those pics of him smiling are so cute!Sometimes it seems as if he is in a bad mood on the show,it's so good to see his goofy side-so adorable!
he really is so much like his dad,but I think he has his mom's nose.

Soupy Twist said...
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Soupy Twist said...

I also think he has his mother's nose. It's sort of like my father and I; I have just about every facial feature of my father's except for the nose which is my mother's.

mio_bella said...

I'm so glad you all enjoyed my screencaps! Who that visits this blog can stay calm when you see Andersmiles! I can scream in the middle of the night!

As you were talking about Anderson and Dad, I came up with a nice idea. I hope you've already checked that out. How did you like "that" pic?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the screencaps, Mio. I like it when Anderson smiles. With that awkward video, LOL! anything is fine with me as long as it makes him giggle.


mio_bella said...

The same sentiment as you, Pebbles! They too often find weird Japanese videos. Japanese Anderfans are pretty ashamed of them, but everyone thinks it all right as long as we can see Andergiggles!