Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Japanese & Religion & Ramen

I usually go to bed at about 3:00 am. Tonight, I went out drinking, which I rarely do, and I felt really dizzy. I went to bed at 11:30 and I woke up at 3:00!! What should I do? Of course I should watch AC360. I started watching this and blogging about this at such wee hours. Yikes!

Hi, Anderson! What an adorable smile!

Thought I do know that plane is a safe way to travel, but I was pretty amazed to see those figures;
Travel death
Plane: 92
Pedestrians: 5,870
Motorcycle: 2,765
Bicycle: 740

And a serious look. How beautiful!

Oops! 3600 Bulletin?

bealsma got this idea of Tom as an angel

Technical problem. "You are watching the video we've already shown you...?" (I don't remember what exactly he said but something like this.) Yes, we did. But what about the second hour? We are always watching the same things!!

from iTunes! iTunes!! iTunes!!!
So good they didn't stop podcasting. Yesterday, they didn't have one and I was a little bit worried about this. I've already got episode of Wednesday show.
It was just last week that I was telling the students that they could repeat the words they want to emphasize. Anderson did this. How cute!

Another beautiful photo.

At a drinking session, I was talking about Japanese people and religion. Majority of Japanese people have a faith in Buddhism. However how many of them are religious Buddist? I don't even know which sect of Buddism I belong to. I don't do anything special in my daily life. The only time I can feel religion is at funerals.
In my opinion, this very weak sense of religion is one of the tips of our success. We can be very flexible and take in all the unique thoughts and ideas from abroad. And not only getting ideas, but we come up with new things. You know, that ramen bath! While the rest of you spare some time for religious causes, we spend the same amount of time on these stupid things! (Did I go too far? Or to the wrong direction? Whatever. I'm just a drunk stupid girl today!)

By the way, I was drinking with my English teacher. I showed him the moment of Anderson reading my comment. I complained about him mispronouncing my name. And the teacher said, "'mio' looks like 'bio' and that's why he thought your name was 'mai-ou.'" Now, that explains!


Soupy Twist said...

There have been 2,765 motorcycle deaths? It makes me think twice about getting one.

I think this tie that he's wearing is one of my favorites...and is it just me or did he get a bit of a trim on the sides. His head looks a bit more square. I like it though.

Yeah, that would explain why Anderson said your name wrong. Although I asked my mom how she would say your name and she said it "mee-oh" instead of "mai-ou."

mio_bella said...

These figures tell that we can never be safe no matter how you travel. Even walking seems dangerous!

I forgot to mention that! I did notice he'd had his hair cut! I like him that way.

And thank you for asking your mom to pronounce my name! I'm glad she can pronounce my name correctly.