Thursday, July 26, 2007

Very Early Come Back...



The introduction of interviews with patients who went through operation without anesthesia made me so sick. I once heard the same case in Japan. She was giving a birth to her baby by Cesarean section although she wasn't under anesthesia! In Japan, hundreds ago, there used to be a scary tradition of commiting suicide killing one's own stomach. Operation without anesthesia is just as scary and painful as this! Did they say they are covering the story on another program? Or did they show the whole interview on 360?


Which Anderstand do you prefer?

China is a terrible country. We hear a bad information on China almost every day these days. (And CNN is broadcasting a program, Made In China soon.) In my area, we saw too much urbane ozone a month ago. Especially children are suffering from it. They were told not to play outside. Where is this photochemical smog come from? CHINA! I can stay in Japan and see how much the country is polluting air! Do they have sense of justice? They think they also have a right to develop their country even though they exploit African sources, polluting water and air, damaging natural habitat, and deceiving people to make profit? I wonder how they will be preparing for the Olympic next year.



This reminds me of Miss America at Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Speaking of Beyonce, I bought Dream Girsl DVD on the very released day and I haven't watched it! Rather, I completly forgot about it! What a waste to spend money on something that I would never take notice. I have been too busy watching 2-hour news show and the Mole.

Anyway, I love any clip which produces AnderFunnyFace,

... and Beautiful Anderson!

According to the CNN broadcasting schedule, they say they'd air "You Asked You Asked." So I thought it would be a rerun of yesterday's one. But the content was different and apparently it was recorded on the same day.
I have wanted to write something about election in the States and in Japan, but I have been too crazy to write anything serious.

I may sound really ignorant but I have a question. Even though all of the American citizens, up to certain age of course, have the right to vote. But why cannot reflect all the vote on the result? I mean, even if one garners more votes, they may lose if they cannot get more States. (Ugh, it is pretty hard to make myself understood. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?)

YouTube debates really connect individuals and the candidates. So why not count all of your votes? That seems more reasonable to me.

In Japan, we have a Lower House election next Sunday. Whenever I turn on news program, they are talking about the election. It is pretty catching people's attention because the party in power may lose majority of congressmen and another party may be in power. This is a Lower House Election and it won't have a big impact in the very near future, but we are in our way of changing the government. What interests us is which party will garner majority of votes. As for me, I am not at all interested in each candidate. Everybody around me says the same thing. Is this the right way to cast our vote to a candidate?
Lastly, let me tell you how we choose our Prime Minister ...


Would you like to hear this?? Maybe Anderson pics are even better! I'll write about the Japanese PM later!


Délie said...

You are so busy but you find time to update your blog and you are spoiling us with all these screencaps! I like the last ones, all the faces :-)!

Anderstand: I prefer the first one (I can see his hands ;-))

Concerning China, I was wondering the same thing about the next Olympics Games. I read somewhere they want to do "Green" Games and will care about pollution, will respect the environment. And I also read they will launch chemical rockets to desintegrate clouds and avoiding by this way rains during the competitions. Strange idea.

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
The first and last pics you posted are stunning!Gosh he is so handsome!I prefer the Anderstand on the left.The story about patients waking up and feeling the surgery is so scary,can you imagine?I think it's on Thursday's show.Oh,I love it when he does those cute little Ander faces,and that grin is so adorable.He's so goofy sometimes,but I love that about our Andy!

anne carter said...

I love it when Anderson puts a finger to his lips like that-it looks like he's pondering a deep thought.Three more fabulous Andy pics,thanks!

xtina said...

I believe you're asking about the electoral college, Mio. The reason we don't use raw votes is that states have soverignty and they'd lose representation if, for instance nine million people in New York City all voted the same way. That candidate would receive the most votes, but it wouldn't represent smaller states. States' votes override the raw vote.

Jan said...

Mio--Great post. Thank you on the information on how politics are in Japan.

I love all the pictures, but you asked which one of the two we liked best and I love the one with his leg on the step.

I am with Anne Carter, I love when his hand is on his mouth or lips. There is just something about him doing it makes me all tingly.

mio_bella said...

I was amazed to see the picture of Chinese people pouring green picment on dried-up brown grass so that it looks "green." Chinese people seem so strange, but I believe they are just minority. However its "minority" means a large group in other countries.

As I wrote on the following blog, I do love AnderFinger on the lip. I try to catch every moment but I often miss it and it's a shame.

Thank you for teaching me American politics. I just remembered having asking the same question to my American colleague and got that answer. It's kind of like the system of the U.N. Every country should have the same right no matter how big or small it is.

Anderson doesn't bite his nails during the show but according the article he wrote for Details Magazine, he admits he finds it really embarrassing. Laying his finger on the lip is a happy mediam, I think. He feels comfortable but he is not seen to bite the nails.