Monday, July 02, 2007

From NY

Over the weekend, many people were fretting over where Anderson would be for tonight's show. Now he is in NY studio! To a normal AC360 viewer who do not visit website, he seems to be live from NY as a matter of routine, but he wasn't. Do you think he will fly to London?


Pati Mc said...

Oh wow Mio!

Anderson looks really ticked off on this picture. Wow, I could not want to be the one who made him look like that. Oooh he is like me and is part Irish. I know that look well. He was not happy.

I like the ones above where he is all cute and smiling. His hair looked perfect last night. :)

mio_bella said...

He looks somewhat sad and tired on this picture. He looks beautiful all the time, but he wasn't in a good mood last night, was he?