Friday, July 13, 2007


I was downstairs a little while ago? Where am I? Chris had me here?

Isn't this Anderson's first time to appear with this navy jacket? What do you think?

We belong to a couple of clubs tonight. And this is a preview of "CLUB SCRUFFY." Anderson looks gorgeous as always. But Micheal is scruffy! I like him that way.

Dusk in LA & Dawn in Baghdad?

Intelectual Frown! That's killing me!!

He doesn't have a laptop here so he turns to BB.
(Preview of CLUB BB.)

Phew, this is a really great show tonight! (I intentionally cut out PIP and BB segments.) And in the last part, they had CNN Heroes, which is one of my favorite series.
As you can imagine, I was crazy and couldn't stay calm. And this story. I suddently got embarrassed to have gone crazy for such a long time.
I felt really sick when I heard how many young Masai girls are leading such lives as they are forced to get married at the age of as young as 10. I have heard about genital mutulation, but I didn't know more than 90 % of young girls have undertaken this "ritual." To me, it sounds more inhumane than rape. It was not only girls but also people in the community that need education.
Apparently, the last segment was taped before the live show started. Hmm, looks a little weird. It's brighter than the last time Anderson had appeared.


Soupy Twist said...

I really liked the navy jacket with the lavender shirt and the navy stripped tie. It enhances the blueness of this eyes, I think.

Délie said...

CNN Heroes is a great serie. It's so moving each time. The Wednesday's story, the soldier adopting an disabled Iraqi orphan made me cry...

Délie said...

Me again! I forgot: scruffy Michael Ware = illegally cute!

Anonymous said...

Great shots! It always wierds me out when he's in LA because I look out my window and it's dark - but he's showing an interview & it's all sunny outside! He must go up on that roof around 3:00ish to get that bright of the sunshine (i live in CA too..) because by the time he airs, it's 7PM and dusk in California!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio: I am enjoying your blog more than ever. Keep up the great work!--Beppu

mio_bella said...

SORRY! I forgot to post a reply to you all!

His selection was really nice on this day. He looks really cool in blue.

Michael Ware! SOOO cute!

You live in California? I know CA is a huge state and you might be far away from where CNN LA studio is. But you must be excited each time he is in LA.

Thank you for your comments. All of your encouragement makes me post more and more sexy Anderson pics!