Friday, July 06, 2007

Yummy! I lose my appetite!?

I can watch this special every day! I cannot get used to how fabulous Anderson looks during the whole hour. All of the stories are Anderson's favorites and he is really keen on them. Every segment is narrated and reported by Anderson and he is of course anchoring. I don't know how many times I fainted!!! This is another day without appetite. I wonder if you understand this, but when Anderson is really hot on the show, my mind is so full and I feel so content that I lose my appetite. This is good for me as I really have to lose weight!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, CNN Intl only showed the first hour, so I missed the Dispatches special. You're right, I can watch it again and again. It is also one of my favorites, because all of those segments is what Anderson is. It's Anderson at his best. I wish he'd do more of those in the future.


mio_bella said...

That's too bad you missed the second hour, but at least that's the one you have already watched. He is deeply concerned about each topic. Every time he appears, I cried with excitement (and my dog barks at me), and once they start the videos, I get deeply into the stories. The combination of very serious stories and very handsome anchor in the studio is killing me!

I hope for more report from around the world. Anderson has been "sitting behind the desk" way too long recently.

Delie said...

I couldn't agree more with you. "Dispatches" are for me the greatest stories. And I'd like to see Anderson back on field soon!

Delie said...

Me again! I just notice the Photo of the week! Nice pic and good idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio:
It's Beppu again. Just to respond to your comment about your mistakes, they were no big deal! I hardly noticed them. When I did it for my exam, I made mistakes all over the place. My mind went blank at the end, and I just made up the chords. This is a hard one for me as my hands are not big (not an excuse I know), and my wrists get tired easily. You did great! I am now preparing for a written music exam (history)---trust me, it is not pleasant.--Beppu

stilografica said...

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mio_bella said...

I cannot wait to see Anderson in his field shirt. He is deadly sexy outside the studio.

As for "Photo of the Week," I always post pictures that I take. But sometimes I want to add other pictures you find everywhere. I hope the pictures I will be adding will disturb nobody.

Are you a college student? I used to study music as well as English education. Actually, I have teaching lisence for music, too. But I don't think I am qualified any more.

Welcome, stilografica!
Thank you for your constant visit and your first comment. I'll check out yours later!

anne carter said...

HI again Mio,
I wonder if Anderson will be back on Monday,or is he heading off somewhere-maybe Afganistan or Iraq?I hope not,it is so dangerous now.
I bet he will be in NOLA at the end of August for the anniversary of Katrina.I really liked the Dispatches special-I have it on tape from before.I love Anderson's Reporters notebooks,he does them so
well-thanks for putting the link up for them.
The Edge of Disaster special is somewhat scary-I would like to read this book.
I just watched your video-excellent piano playing-bravo,Mio!
Do your students get summer break,Mio?Where I am,they are off
from school from June until early September-do your students there
have the same amount of time off,too?
I like your photo of the week!

mio_bella said...

Hi Anne,
I just published new article about wish and your comment struck me!

I really love Dispatches special. As I am not an English speaker, it is often hard to tell what's good "writing" and what is not. But I can tell easily those narrations are excellent. Each word moves me not only because I love Anderson. I can judge how good they are without bias.

It might be pretty hard for you to believe this, but I am teaching at a special English language school. Students come to our school after their school is over. So we are busy when students do not have school. Usually Japanese students have only one-month vacation. And I am extremely busy during this period.