Monday, July 09, 2007

Cure for Anderson dificiency

By now, I am suffering from a terrible Anderson dificiency. How can it be soothed?
  • Podcast
  • The Mole
  • Dozens of recorded Anderson Cooper 360
  • Andersearching

Nothing can sarisfy me but LIVE ANDERSON!! But will he appear for tonight's show? As I wrote for the previous article, I am a little bit skeptical.

AC360 website says;A possible rape prevented, a terrorist plot uncovered -- all because a camera's watching. But if the eyes in the sky work, why does the U.S. have so few? "AC 360°" investigates, Monday 10 ET.

"AC360"? Not Anderson? That's what they write when Anderson is not on the show. But there's a hope, I believe!


anne carter said...

I wonder if Anderson will be back live tonight.
On the "All things Anderson" site,they had a link to a story of Anderson being in Yellowstone National Park-he must be doing a Planet in Peril or 60 minutes piece.
Have you watched all the Mole season 1 yet?Did you see any of season 2?

Anonymous said...

Oh Mio, you're so funny. We are all feeling the Anderwithdrawals, anything just to see Anderson LOL!

I have a pretty good feeling he will be on today. You know Anderson, he can't go on a vacation for too long. I'm sure he was still working during his "vacation" this past week.


mio_bella said...

Yes, I'd already got that information! It seems he was working there and I hope we can see him in nature with animals pretty soon.

I haven't watched the Mole yet. I am watching, taking pictures and burning to DVDs at the same time, and it takes about 18 hours to finish watching one DVD and there are three! I just finished watching 2 of the DVDs.

When I finish, I will turn to YouTube and start watching Season 2.

I forgot to mention "CNN Video!" They finally stopped charging us for pipeline and launged a new service. I can watch hundreds of Anderson all the time!

Anderson is there!!!!