Thursday, July 19, 2007

Collection of Our Favorite Ones!


Soupy Twist said...

My, oh my! It's beautiful! Just simply beautiful. How I love scruffy Andy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for gathering those pics into one collection those definitely are my favorites - Scruffy Andy. One day I wish he'd show up in the studio with that scruffy look but he' be in a suit, I wonder what CNN would say about it.


mio_bella said...

We can stare at each picture forever, can't we!?

Pati Mc said...

A wonder to behold!

Thanks Delie - you are my hero!
(or should I say heroine)

This is on my computer at work and I get many visitors during the long workday who need their dose of handsome. Somehow they all walk away smiling broadly. :-)

You have blessed many with your wonderful wallpaper of Anderson. And Anderson has blessed many people and helped to brighten their day without even being aware of the fact. Hopefully that would make him smile as well.