Friday, July 13, 2007


Hey, girsl! This is where you belong!


anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
when I clicked on your site and saw those photos,I think my heart stopped,oh he is so,so,handsome!I love the fourth one,you can see those beautiful eyes so well.Thanks for posting them.

mio_bella said...

You're so quick!
I just posted everything and am now replying to all the comments you all posted for last night article.

I couldn't help stopping the video and capturing and it took me pretty long time to finish watching the whole show. Now I'm glad they had rerun for the second hour. I would have spent another 2 hours to watch, cap, edit and blog about the show!

Soupy Twist said...

The fourth one is the best! No hair gel or spray, Anderstubble...My goodness I'm in heaven!

Délie said...

The 4th is simply PERFECT!

Pati Mc said...

OMG are you kidding me????


I owe you forever! The forth one is what I wanted. When I saw that I literally could not breathe.
Criminally handsome. Mon Dieu!

Here is the hard question ladies...which do you prefer? Neat as a pin, suited Anderson OR soft haired, scruffy Anderson?

I know both are perfect, but I have a preference, and I feel cerrtain that I am not alone. (and NO, you cannot choose BOTH! *lol*)

What do you think girls?

Délie said...

Scruffy Anderson, for me!

Jan said...

OMG Mio, thanks for the great caps. Thety are all so good. I always thought I liked pin stripe Anderson, but now I LOVE scruffy Anderson.

Keep up the great work

anne carter said...

Oh,it's a tough decision to choose which Anderson I like best,suited
or scruffy.I can't make up my mind on that one!

ME Ellee said...

Fabulous pictures! Everyone! Do you think I could borrow one or two or ten for The Forum?

Anonymous said...

Oh Mio! Thank you, thank you for posting those pictures. You really know how to satisfy an Anderfan. I like scruffy Anderson too. I've never seen him look so hot! I'm sure Anderson has no idea how we are all drooling over him right now. LOL!


Addy said...

Wow...I always wondered what Anderson looked like scruffy and now I know. I love it! Thanks for sharing! :o)

Soupy Twist said...

I love Anderson either way; however, I'd love to see Scruffy Andy more. Untidy hair, Anderstubble, out in the wilderness...I think I need a time out in the naughty chair!

mio_bella said...

ST & Delie,
Yeah, the 4th picture! I know this is what everyone here was waiting for as I almoast fainted to see him with that 5 o'clock shadow.

I love your question. I added a questionair in my blog. It doesn't look nice but it is worth a try. Oh, this is a hard question. But I'll vote for scruffy Anderson. I awfully love YouTube debate CM during AC360. I can see beautiful Anderson on the show, and scruffy Andy during the CM. I love both!

Delie & Jan,
Now we are all attracted to scruffy Anderson, I have a hunch that everyone here will vote for Scruffy Andy!

Now you must make a decision! Please vote!

Me Ellee
Of course! I tell this very clearly to everyone but you can always use pictures found here. (Is it a nice thing to say? Those pictures should belong to CNN. Am I violating copyright?)

I do know how to satisfy Anderfan. I am a big Anderfan as well and every moment I find attractive should attract all the people here! I'll keep on shocking Anderfans with sexy Anderpics!

When he went to Greenland, we saw a slight stubble but it was too slight. Now we've got it! Yay!

Most of the time, he appears on the show with neat suit. And sometimes he looks scruffy. Scruffy Andy seems really precious. We can see how he looks in his daily life!
If scryffy Andy appears on the show too often, I'm sure I'll have a strong craving for neat Anderson.

Calliope said...
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