Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Being a Journalist

To me, Anderson looked the most brilliant when he was covering this story. Too bad, he was in such a tiny window. We needed full screen Anderson...

They say there are dozens of journalists in Gaza strip constantly risking their lives.Anderson might have assimilate himself to this journalist.

(On another note, I could hardly believe this bald guy is just 5 years older than Anderson. Due to the hardship he'd suffered for a few months, his hairline receded.

I'm ashamed to say this but I do not know enough about what is happening in Israel.

I heard this fake mickey mouse became a martyr on the same day. Is there anything to do with this release of BBC reporter?

What is really going on in Gaza? I do need more learning in order to fully understand what Anderson is talking about.

Anderson with his finger on the lip.

He showed off his blackberry for 3 consecutive days and he didn't today. But at least, we could catch a glimpse of it on the desk.

Other pics.

See you to....
They said on their blog, "Send us a short video with your thoughts on this question. We'll take the best submissions and air them on "360". But they didn't air any of them did they? At least I couldn't see any v-mails here in Japan. Viewers are not so much interested in this idea? Or people are just too furious about recorded 2nd hour? 3 out of 7 comments are about the show. Maybe we need more time to figure out how this new service will turn out to be. I wouldn't send any v-mails for this matter, but if they ask us questions that are suitable for international viewers to answer, I'd love to try some day! With my makeup on!


anne carter said...

Hi Mio:
I was a little disappointed that Anderson never made it to the border for Monday night-I wonder if he'll be on for the 4th of July?
Is that his wallet in the picture
next to the blackberry,I wonder?
Thanks for the great screencaps,Mio-I love the new pic on the 360 site!

mio_bella said...

I am wondering if Anderson will appear for tonight's show. Most of the anchors and reporters might want to take days off during one of the most important holidays for American people. But this reminds me of Christmas holidays. He didn't take any days off. So he may well spends his day in the studio for breaking news.

He has his wallet on the desk!? What is that?

BTW, I changed my pic for my profile. That is the one I took in Milan.

anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
I like your profile picture-when was it taken,I bet it was beautiful there!
Oh,did you finish watching the Mole yet?
Where was your previous profile pictue from?I believe you were stood by some flowers?

mio_bella said...

Hi Anne,
I haven't finished watching the Mole yet. You know, the region is different here and it takes about 2 hours to to import 40 minute movie. Then I burn it to normal DVD so it can be played with any DVD player. We are having a bit longer Anderless weekend, and I am watching another section during the drought. I'll definitely post a lot of pictures!

I went to France and Italy last year and that's the picture I took on the top of Duomo. I really liked that place. Former picture was taken in a park in my city. I have never changed that picture for about 2 years and it is not autumn now. So I finally decided to change it.