Friday, July 20, 2007

Silly Andy

At the beginning of the show, they showed a really disturbing video. Did Anderson warn us not to watch if we don't want to? He did at the end of the show, which means before the rerun of the first hour. Other than that segment, Anderson was pretty much in a silly mood, wasn't he?

Let's see how YouTube video is working now. Check out one example.

Oops! Larry King in a bikini! Yikes!

Who did that??
(I'm glad the creator didn't attach my face.)

Tom Cruise Craze
Before I got a crush on Anderson, I was a huge fan of Tom Cruise. When I was a school girl, at the age of 12 or 13, I became Tom Cruise fan. What a mature girl I was, wasn't I? I remember I was really crazy about him up until M:I-2 was released. After that, I was a "normal" fan, and after he confessed his belief in Scientology, divorced Nicole, and married Katy, my fascination completely faded away.

<- This is an image from Top Gun.

From Mission Impossible 3 ->

I could tell these immediately, before they showed us the caption. Yeah, I was a former Tom Cruise fan.

Yuck, he looks weird...

More than decade ago, how I wished I could ride a motorcycle with him. I no longer wish that any more.

I think I am still a mature girl to have a crush on this super sexy silver fox.

I didn't know, and still I do not, this woman. But I was really surprised to see her on LKL the previous night. She might fall down at any moment. During his show, Larry said to her son, "What was your mother like?" How rude of him to say that! She is still alive and hasn't given up. I was curious to know how she looked and got this picture.

How different!!!


Whenever Anderson sees news on stocks, he is concerned about gummy bear! How adorable! As far as I know, the red one is his favorite!

Dogs, three days in a row.
Two days ago, that disturbing story about fight dog. I didn't watch the segment, let alone take a picture of it.
Last night, a Labrador hit by a bike,

tonight, a dog that ate whopping $800!

Anderson can talk as long as he wants. Please do! I'd prefer AnderCa talk rather than rerun of the 1st hour!

Oops! How silly of Anderson to forget URL!? That's so cute!


Soupy Twist said...

There were quite a number of cute moments in this show. I love silly Andy!

The Larry King in a bikini clip was hilarious. It totally caught me off guard.

Pati Mc said...

Hi guys!

Wow, that picture of Anderson looking off to the side of the studio - I would not want to be the dude on the other side of that!

Yikes! I surely don't want to be the person that's messes up and upsets him.

I agree ST, I also love silly Anderson too. I get that way frequently myself, I believe that he and I would have a lot to laugh about.

Admittedly it makes my day when he interacts with Erica and he gets a good case of the giggles. There is nothing as endearing as hearing Anderson's giggle. I was fortunate enough to hear it in person. So cute! When he giggled, it made me do the same. Then of course, I felt like a BIG DORK. But oh well! :)

mio_bella said...

That bikini Larry was surely hilarious, but disturbing as well. Do you think Andy enjoyed that? He seemed to have a kind of mixed feeling. They cut out that segment from podcast.

I really love Andergiggles! Who can do without it!? Sometimes I have a craving for Anderson's "annoying" laughs!

While I was writing this comments, I saw Anderson on YouTube debate and updated my blog. I hope we see silly Anderson tonight. But he seems really exhasted already.

Soupy Twist said...

I got the mixed feelings vibe from him too. It seems to me that he was sort of out of the loop with this because the "no, no, no...this is not... I don't know how this got here" actually sounded like genuine surprise. Then after the clip was over you can see a hint of a smile on his face, but then again he's blinking an awful lot which is usually a sign of being uncomfortable. So I don't know.

I must say though, that pic of him looking sideways with the perplexed frown is pretty hot. I wouldn't mind being "dealt with very firmly" if it was Anderson doing the dealing...Oh, no I think I need a time out in the naughty chair.