Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another CM from Japan

First time Anderson appeared in this "table cloth" shirt. Oh, I remember, on this day a person left a comment. She/He was searching this shirt on the Net. Have you found this shirt yet?

The first day from VT.

I guess this photo was taken on the same day as the 1st one was taken.

From Congo.


He appears with this field shirt too often and I cannot tell where he is on this photo. Judging from the people around him, possibly from Afghanistan? Lebanon?


anne carter said...

Great screencaps,Mio!He does wear that blue shirt an awful lot-he probably has quite a few of the same color and style.I love him in the black one!

mio_bella said...

Hi Anne,
I terribly love this shirt but when he appears in a black shirt, I am in a panic! He is killing me!