Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Andy, Tom, Michael, Sanjay & BELLA!

ST and I were talking about a fun way to take exercise; thinking of how sexy and how strongly built Anderson is! I have been talking about Billy's Boot Camp for a few days. I tried that last night. Workout itself is fun, but I do not have any time to think about Andy! Each movement is so fast!! Now all of my muscles ache. Should I keep on taking this kickboxing-like exercise? Well, I know I should but it's almost 2:00am here. Maybe tomorrow morning...

Ow! Anderson looked directly at me! Too sexy to keep myself calm.


How nice to see those two guys in the studio!


OI! Chest hair! Do you find this sexy? In Japan, it is not liked by girls, or rather it usually looks disgusting to Japanese girls. Personally, I like it though.


I really like very fast camera movement, which reflect this fast paced program and the anchor's fast speech,

Also I like "Anderstanding."


This segment made me sick in stomach. I rarely turn off TV when I am watching AC360, but I cannot watch this. I intentionally skip this segment. But still I cannot get rid of the cry of woe by one of the dogs.
I cannot believe kids are watching dogs fight. I happened to catch a glimpse of the fight but I couldn't watch any longer. Didn't they say this is held in Chicago? No wonder crime rate is high. (I feel sorry if people from Chicago feel bad about this remark.) They need to teach "LOVE" to children.
During CM break after this segment, I went to see my dog. I cuddled her, petted her, and hugged her.

"How come you ever think of making me fight and kill me?"-- Bella (Mio's dog)


He was reporting from a remarkable place. He was reporting what is going on in an operation room! I've never seen anyone telling a story from such a place!

And this is TB! I can't believe we can see this! The person on whom this operation is being done has been on TV so many times. And we finally see that questioning TB! Amazing!

Hmm, it seems this article is pretty much content oriented. You should need more Anderson pics.

Anderson was brilliant as always but my picture caps are not so nice today, eh?

BTW, how come they didn't update podcast tonight??


Délie said...

Bella is such a sweetie dog!
I've closed my eyes several times during the story of the dogs fighting.

Thanks for posting the screencap of Michael Ware! Without him, I will be completely unaware of what happens in Iraq. I have to read BBC website to have news about this war. Hair or not hair, I don't care. Michael Ware is simply... Michael Ware (or the Best if you prefer)!!! And it doesn't need more explanations than that! :-)!

Still no podcast for Tuesday's show... But Charlie Moore has blogged from China. Yeah! Another PIP trip! That's great it's not over.
Mmmmmm, Charlie Moore!

Soupy Twist said...

Yes, you should keep on doing Billy's Boot Camp. Maybe once you start to get used to it and you have the routine down then you could think about Andy whilst you are doing it.

I'm not one who is particularly fond of chest hair for most guys, but I think it works for Michael Ware. It's not thick. Besides I think it enhances his scruffiness, and I like scruffy Michael.

The dog fighting segment was pretty hard to watch for me as well. It's sad what those people do to those do to those dogs. The fact that people actually enjoy watching these dogs maim each other is absolutely repulsive to me. (Bella is very adoreable, BTW)

mio_bella said...

I closed my eye during the dog fight coverage, but still I could hear a dog moarning. It really sticks to my ear and I still cannot get rid of it. Then I turned TV off for a while.

Yeah, I did read Charlie Moore's blog about China. I tried to write something about it but didn't come up with nice things to write.

Actually, I didn't take exercise last night and went to bed. We have more than an hour before AC360 starts. I have enough time for exercise and shower. All right, you pepped me up. I'll start it right now!

Scruffy. Yeah, this is the perfect word to describe Michael. He is so kawaii, too!