Friday, July 20, 2007

Anderson on YouTube Debate Countdown

Anderson looks exhausted. With no wonder. He's watched more than 1600 YouTube videos choosing politically neutral questions.
By the way, he still prefers to wear this old red x navy tie, especially on occasions of election matters.
Red x Navy tie collection

This Ralph Lauren tie looks nice,

this is nice, too. Maybe from RL?

However, I don't think this is fashionable and doesn't goes well with him. I get used to seeing him in this tie, though.


anne carter said...

Are you going to be watching the you tube debate on Monday?I don't really know much about American politics,as I'm in Canada,but I am going to see it.
Andy seemed to be in a really goofy mood the other night-playing the dancing LK,then he was woofing like a dog,and then he forgot his own website!He's so cute when he does things like that!
I'd like to hear him do the 'whoosh whoosh' for the podcast again!
Thanks for posting the great screencaps-I love the wallpapers!
There is a cute video of Anderson and his dog on CNN Video-go to the site and click on 'CNN video'
in the top right hand corner.Then in
the 'search all video' box type in
Sonya Fitzpatrick-it will come up with the following:
'Pet psychic in tune with animals'-click on this one.The video is so cute,I loved seeing Andy's adorable dog Molly!They have some great videos on their site!

Pati Mc said...

@ Anne Carter

Thanks so much for the info about the Pet Psychic video. I have always wanted to see that! How cute is Molly staring lovingly at Anderson? What a beauty she is.

@ Mio

I am quite fond of Anderson's navy and red striped tie. He was wearing it in Atlanta. I think he looks very handsome in it! *winks* :)

mio_bella said...

Just like you, I'm not so much interested in American politics but I will definitely watch it! Anderson is there, which is good enough reason for me to stay in front of my TV screen.

Thank you so much for that info. I really needed that! Anderson & Molly looked so cute. Anderson's a father to Molly, and his eyes were so sweet! I can watch that video again and again. Can't we add that video to the playlist? It seems that you can add only new ones.

As far as I see him on screen, I've always thought he looks better in other ties. But he should look brilliant in anything. Everyone that has seen Anderson in person says that the suit & tie he was wearing on the occasion are the ones they love the most.

Soupy Twist said...

Thank you Anne! I've been wanting to see this for a long time now. It's so cute!!!

I'm definitely am going to watch the YouTube debates since this is going to be my first time voting. I think this is going to be really interesting.