Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Anderson Cooper 360

Thanks, Sahira! She always does a super job on screencapturing.
I awfully love this!

I took even more!


Soupy Twist said...

Anderstands! How I love them. I know I said it before, but I'll say it again. He looked so handsome! He did great tonight.

anne carter said...

Anderson did such an amazing job on the debate last night-he looked so incredibly dashing and handsome,didn't he?I watched the rebroadcast.
I saw some of the after debate footage-he was talking to the members in the audience and signing autographs-so cute!
He probably had more people wanting to shake his hand than those candidates,I bet!LOL
Terrific screencaps,Mio!

mio_bella said...

Whatever Anderson does is a big concern for us. He is just standing. That is more than enough to make me screeeaaam!

At first I thought many people went to the venue just to see Anderson, but I don't think that was correct. By the time AC360 started, most of the people were gone. There were around 40-50 people during the show. How I wished I could have been one of them!

Délie said...

Great screencaps! You make me feel doing some now! But for that, I have to burn a DVD... Won't to do it tonight. Can we say "screencaping" like scrapbooking? Because making some Anderscreencaps can be very relaxing, like scrapbooking or embroidering. Or exciting... as you want, Mio! :-) OMG, I am completely silly this evening. I should go to bed and sleep more than two hours this time!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, those are great screencaps! Thank you, you really know how to get Anderson's best angles. He looks so handsome, doesn't he? I'm really proud of him, he did great last night. This is one of the things he does best other than field reporting. And I'm glad most people were able to see how good he is. So far, I've seen mostly positive reviews on his handling of the debate.


Pati Mc said...

Hi girls!

Boy he was handsome and he did such a fantastic job - I agree Pebbles, I was also very proud of him. That would be a difficult job keeping those politicians on topic. Our Anderson was totally up to the task. I cannot wait to see the Republicans Debate in September.

Wonder how one goes about being invited to attend? I would love to be there to witness all of this firsthand.

Anderson did seem to get more attention after the debate than the candidates. That made me smile!
There were many people waiting to see him and get his autograph. And being the sweet and kind person that he is, he took the time to meet with them all. Even though he had no rest before his show came on. He surely is a very special man. :)

And there he is now - back in NY in the studio. Good Lord, this man never stops. I wish I had his stamina.

mio_bella said...

Now screencaps and creating Anderson DVDs are one of my hobbies! I can spend hours and hours on it... Oh, how addicted I am! Maybe I could spend those hours wiser but I cannot help doing this! I love your "embroidering." I am waiting for your another boring day!

I feel the same! I am so proud of him, too! But at the same time, I just read a negative impression on Anderson by a google news seen on the side bar. Here in Japan, we see news in Japanese language. Do you see Google news on this page?

You need to find the way to get into the venue for the next occasion! You'll definitely stay after the debate, won't you? He will surely remember who you are!