Tuesday, July 03, 2007

AC360 website 2

They are changing this site a little bit. As I too often visit this page to see Anderson saying "hi" and waving to him, I noticed some changes.
  • Feedback on the top

  • The position of each section. They are keen on promoting v-mail as this is one of the major change for entire CNN.com according to the pressroom.

  • They added the link to transcripts again. This time, the link goes to the right place, not to LKL.

  • And this is the most important part. They deleted the links to Reporter's notebooks and articles for Details magazine! As for Reporter's notebooks, you still find the link from 360 blog.


Delie said...

I love the Reporter's Notebooks. There are the first AC videos I saw before being able to watch AC 360 on CNN Int.

The Internet Archive - Way back machine is a great site to find old web pages: http://www.archive.org/web/web.php

Anonymous said...

This is out of topic but I think there won't be any Friday AC 360. CNN Intl has been airing teasers for the LK 50 years of pop culture and it will be aired on AC 360's time slot(Saturday here in Asia). So Anderson's having a long weekend. Well, I think he needs the rest and it is a holiday week for them.


Delie said...

@ Pebbles: I saw the LK 50 years teaser on CNN Intl and saw it will be aired saturday but I did not pay more attention than this ... Oh no! No Anderson friday??? Well, I have 48 hours to get mentally ready for that.

mio_bella said...

Thank you so much for the link! I really enjoyed it. I cannot stop browsing old 360 website. It was really fun to see how that website has evolved. I also saw how Yahoo! looked in '96. It was like a.. fossil!

That's right. They are airing LKL special for AC360 slot. Anderson has some time off for 7/4 holiday season. Good for him but just like delie, I too need to get prepared for another long Anderdry spell.

I started watching Tuesday AC360 now and blog about the show later.