Monday, July 30, 2007

Simpsonize Me

Only the gray hair that these two guys have in common, eh?

I tried simpsonizing me using the photo I took a few years ago. My hair is shorter but now I have a long hair. Do I look like this?? I guess right eye brow of Simpsonized Mio is similar to the one of the real Mio.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

On his way to South Pacific?

I was thinking that he wouldn't be on live because he must leave for Carteret Islands this weekend. We knew he is supposed to be there at the end of July. The chances are... Anderson will be live from South Pacific on Monday, looking super sexy! I cannot wait!!

This is how he looks before he left NY?

After a busy day, what with work and what with party, Anderson looked so cool and made me excited and soothed at the same time.

Thank you for all the comments, emails, Hideaway messages. I haven't replied to them but definitely I will. I am so grateful I still get comments and messages although my blog is not up to snuff.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mmm, daughnut!

I was pretty peppy today. I went swimming after my work. It's almost 0:00am and I'm full of pep. I think I can start watching the whole AC360 now, but I don't think it's a nice idea. I just turn to podcast.

Speaking of podcasting...

He finally mentioned "iPhone" instead of iPod. I think everybody has checked out new podcasting promo. I am not so sure if the picture is suitable. Anderson always says you don't need an iPod, and he has one in her hand.

They were talking a little bit about the Simpsons.

Mmmm, daughnut.

Wait, Tom! That's what Anderson should say! The moment I thought so, Anderson himself said that.

"Mmmmm ......" is one of my favorite Andermoments. I try to capture Mmm moment every time he says this.

And I love Anderson with his finger on the lip! THAT is Anderson!

Other than these, which moment do you like?
Dimples? Sure!
Byceps? Yummy!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Very Early Come Back...



The introduction of interviews with patients who went through operation without anesthesia made me so sick. I once heard the same case in Japan. She was giving a birth to her baby by Cesarean section although she wasn't under anesthesia! In Japan, hundreds ago, there used to be a scary tradition of commiting suicide killing one's own stomach. Operation without anesthesia is just as scary and painful as this! Did they say they are covering the story on another program? Or did they show the whole interview on 360?


Which Anderstand do you prefer?

China is a terrible country. We hear a bad information on China almost every day these days. (And CNN is broadcasting a program, Made In China soon.) In my area, we saw too much urbane ozone a month ago. Especially children are suffering from it. They were told not to play outside. Where is this photochemical smog come from? CHINA! I can stay in Japan and see how much the country is polluting air! Do they have sense of justice? They think they also have a right to develop their country even though they exploit African sources, polluting water and air, damaging natural habitat, and deceiving people to make profit? I wonder how they will be preparing for the Olympic next year.



This reminds me of Miss America at Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Speaking of Beyonce, I bought Dream Girsl DVD on the very released day and I haven't watched it! Rather, I completly forgot about it! What a waste to spend money on something that I would never take notice. I have been too busy watching 2-hour news show and the Mole.

Anyway, I love any clip which produces AnderFunnyFace,

... and Beautiful Anderson!

According to the CNN broadcasting schedule, they say they'd air "You Asked You Asked." So I thought it would be a rerun of yesterday's one. But the content was different and apparently it was recorded on the same day.
I have wanted to write something about election in the States and in Japan, but I have been too crazy to write anything serious.

I may sound really ignorant but I have a question. Even though all of the American citizens, up to certain age of course, have the right to vote. But why cannot reflect all the vote on the result? I mean, even if one garners more votes, they may lose if they cannot get more States. (Ugh, it is pretty hard to make myself understood. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?)

YouTube debates really connect individuals and the candidates. So why not count all of your votes? That seems more reasonable to me.

In Japan, we have a Lower House election next Sunday. Whenever I turn on news program, they are talking about the election. It is pretty catching people's attention because the party in power may lose majority of congressmen and another party may be in power. This is a Lower House Election and it won't have a big impact in the very near future, but we are in our way of changing the government. What interests us is which party will garner majority of votes. As for me, I am not at all interested in each candidate. Everybody around me says the same thing. Is this the right way to cast our vote to a candidate?
Lastly, let me tell you how we choose our Prime Minister ...


Would you like to hear this?? Maybe Anderson pics are even better! I'll write about the Japanese PM later!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No more "enthusiastic" updating for a few weeks

This sounds a little brusque, but I won't update this blog as enthusiastically as before for a few weeks. Usually I go to bed at 3:00am and wake up at 9:00am. From now on, for a month, I have to be at work by 7:30am and I usually find it hard to adjust my biological clock. I started watching Tuesday show, but I couldn't get through. I'm turning to podcast and going to bed with my ipod.

At least, thank you for visiting this blog. All you find is an excuse? Hmm, that's not nice. I at least picturecaped a brilliant one!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

weird anderson

Delie, have you checked out this site? This offers all the videos they aired how candidates responded.
The CNN * YouTube Debates

I know I should have posted all the sexy Anderpics from the debate last night. Now I have as many as 50! I guess you all had enough from other sites, so how about this stupid drawing???

While I was chatting with a friend, I was drawing a picture of Anderson! (I was not at all concentrated on the chat. It sounds rude but I do not really know who he is.) This was my first time to draw with MSPaint and it took me only about 30 seconds! I found it pretty nice and then colored it. How silly I was!!!

Speaking of MS Paint and YouTube, I found an amazing video. Non Ander-related, but I think you'll enjoy watching this.

Anderson Cooper 360

Thanks, Sahira! She always does a super job on screencapturing.
I awfully love this!

I took even more!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Yes! He is HOTTY!

As we were talking about the photos on previous article, I could have posted a nicer pic.

But he looks really hot tonight! I couldn't just wait to do this thing. You're seeing a bunch of nice photos after AC360 finishes.


I didn't expect the debate to be this exciting! At first, I was saying that I would watch the show just because I wanted to see Anderson though I am not interested in American politics so much. YouTube has really made a difference. It lets everybody around the world involved in the presidential election.

On top of that, as I told you, I was really fascinated by how brilliant Anderson was. He was so insightful. I can see how hard his brain is working. My boyfriend is a smart person and after a long-hour of "brain-work," he says that his head becomes so hot that it is soaked with sweat. I can see a slight perspiration on his forehead and he might be feeling this way.

Anderson is still on at 9:30 and his show is starting in 20 minutes. He doesn't have enough time to rest!

Not so attractive, eh?

Anderson is almost always attractive. Whatever he does, however he looks, I screem and pass out. But these photos... Did you pass out to see 'em?

It's like... an ad from a developing country a decade ago! He has a black ipod, which might be the same type as I have. On the ipod screen, we see Anderson in black T-shirt, which is nice. But there's something weird in this ad... What do you think? Maybe they have been so busy they didn't have time to consider how they should take Anderson in order to make him so sexy.

Anderson looks so unconfident. How come they chose this pic? He should look better than this.

On this preparation video, we can see sexy Anderson!


I installed this NeoPod. This is awesome! You can see the statistics and you can tell which countries and cities readers are visiting from. I can tell very clearly that I am communicating with people from all over the world.

With the world map, I can see whether it is in the morning/afternoon or in the evening. At the same time, you can see the past visitors.... OMG! There's a humongous circle around my area! That's my place! Everytime I open IE, this page pops up! I may be visiting this blog 20 or 30 times a day!? I look too obsessed!

Anyway, this is a free trial of NeoPod and we can enjoy this up until Angust 6th.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wyatt & Andy

In the previous article, people were talking about how similar Anderson is to his dad. So I made this! Yeah! They both look so nice!

ST & Delie suggested this pic! Yes, he does look like his dad.

YouTube Debates

Some of us are not American citizens and not so much interested in the election itself. But we share one thing in common. Our Addiction to Andy! We all will watch YouTube debates on Monday!

I don't think you need links from this blog as you may have already checked them out on YouTube, but just for your information. Previous YouTube videos;

Just Cannot Resist

New Words

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lots of Andersmiles!

It's your turn, Anderson!

Hi, Anderson! How adorable! Nice smile to start tonight's show!

I am really concerned about global warming. I'm going to melt away.

"I didn't know snowman sounds like that."

He was in a silly moode again! Yay!

Literally China lets people eat "Planet in Peril." I felt so sick to see those exotic animals cooked and served in a dish.

However, I remember having seen some Japanese celebrities eat tigers in China about a decade ago. Those stupid celebrities were eating so many disgusting foods. That was their job. They had to show courage and try eating them. For me, that was so disgusting. There are some stupid persons who are willing to pay a large amount of money to eat such Chinese delicacy just for curiosity. I seldom watch those stupid TV shows these days, but they used to air such a kind pretty often. I guess many Japanese people know that if you want to eat strange things, you can definitely find some in China. Even so, Sanjay is in China NOW and still finds those menu, which startled me.

PEBBLES!! It's your turn to feel awkward!

I slesyd feel embarrassed when they show stupid videos from Japan, like "seaman ship" or "ramen spa." How did you feel when you saw a weird video from your country, Pebbles?

As long as we can see Andergiggles, any video will do!