Sunday, June 03, 2007

What do you do on Anderson's birthday?

1. Shout "Happy Birthday!" in front of TV screen.

--I know I will be doing this but who will listen to that? Maybe my neighbors?

2. Send him a Birthday e-Card

--Maybe worth trying but I don't think the chance of Anderson taking time to open it is very slim.

3. Send him a Birthday present

--I know so many people would do this, but what will this superrich guy need?

4. Donate what money you would spend on him to MSF

--I like donating to whoever needs it. I've donated to World Vision, and I am saving a little bit of "yen" every night to donate on my birthday. Sounds non-Anderrelated thing? But thanks to his report, I take MSF to heart. There will be no chance of Anderson knowing that he's making me a nicer person, but I like the idea that I was changed for the better by him. Won't you follow suit?

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Pati Mc said...

Oh Mio,

I agree with what you said so beautifully. And you never know, you may someday get the chance to tell him how much he has changed your life. ;) Strager things have happened - that is my wish for you, teo have the chance to tell him face to face!

Happy Birthday Anderson! All The Best Always and many more!

Donating to MSF is a wonderful idea!

Delie said...

Donation to Médecins sans frontières is such a nice idea!

I agree with Pati! You never know what might happen. Great things always happen when you don't expect them.

Joyeux anniversaire, Anderson!

beaslma said...

it really was an awsome idea and i stepped up to the plate. I hope others did too.

mio_bella said...

I'm so glad everybody likes my idea!

I forgot to say "Happy Birthday," on this blog and finally did that. I think I am the last person to write HB on Anderblogs. And hopefully the first one to post his picture!