Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Too sexy, Anderson!

Well, what time is it now? 3:40am!? Yikes!

I was working on something, and just before I go to bed, I checked this page and I found 360 blog was updated and saw this picture! How sexy Anderson looks!!

I already had a strong craving for Anderson just after one unexpected holiday. I feel like a half-dried flower bring back to life after given enough water.

I don't have any pictures from Tuesday's show, so how about ...

Did this surprise you!?


anne carter said...

Hi again,Mio:
I wonder where Anderson is?After just,one night,I miss him,too.When I saw he wasn't on Tuesday,I didn't watch.
I loved that closeup of his eye-aren't they the most beautiful blue
you have ever seen?

Pati Mc said...

Wow Mio!

What are you trying to do to me, make my head explode? Well, you almost succeeded! Oh my gracious!

Too beautiful. *gasp*

Anonymous said...

Mio_Bella, That is exactly how blue his eyes look in person. This is really a great treat. Thank you for it.

Anonymous said...

Mio_Bella do you have this picture with they eye showing his whole face? I would love to see it.

anne carter said...

Hi again,Mio:
Is it a photo from 'The Mole'?