Sunday, June 24, 2007

That inmate

I found that she won't be paid $1million after she is released, and that's good. But she is appearing on LKL on Wednesday! That's really quick! I don't think CNN will pay huge amount of money for her first interview. But would you like to watch it? And if LK is to interview her, there's a good chance of covering the story again and again on AC360. Hmm, this is not a happy thought. Anderson has decided not to call her name, so why wouldn't the program decide not to air her stories any more? This is not what AC360 is supposed to do.


beaslma said...

Unfortunately he dosen’t have the control that he once had, or at least seemed to have. I believe that if they do cover “she who must not be named” it will either be a chore for Erica in the news break-ins or with the same snark that he’s been using all year. I DO NOT foresee him having her on the show or talking to her directly about it, especially after the fit he threw last week over NBC. I find it interesting that he more or less crapped all over NBC then this weekend they announce the Larry King thing. That said Larry won’t be there it’s going to be Havey Levin “filling in” but still.

I see it as a bad sign for CNN, and hey money talks. Let’s just all hope AC talks louder.

beaslma said...

BTW great piano playing below thanks for sharing

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your comment, beaslma.

It is ok for LKL to have her. People who are interested in pop culture will definitely be turning to CNN and in a way, it's nice. But not for AC360.

As for my piano video, now I'm glad I posted it here because I've got some nice comments! Even though I practice the piano, nobody listens. I think I found a way to motivate myself.