Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Technical Difficulty

Is this the usual watch he's been wearing for a long time? It doesn't look so. What do you think, Pebbles?

I went to New Hampshire in April this year. My ex-coworker lives there. She is from NY and now living in NH for 4 years. While I was staying with her family, I asked her why NH plays a big role in Presidential Election. In today's show, Anderson asked a female professional the same question, which I found interesting. I had already known the answer for a question about American politics! I was keeping up with the topic! (But most of the time, you know, I cannot.)

By the way, there have been a lot of earthquake in my city, 7 or 8 times in the past 3hours? it's very strange. I hope no catastrophic event will occur so that Anderson has to come all over here. (And if I were to be the only survivor, I would definitely be able to have a chance to talk with him! How stupid I am to say such a mean thing!)


anne carter said...

My goodness-that is a lot of earthquakes to have-I hope there is no serious damage-how far away are these happening from where you are?Hope you are and your family are safe!Take care.
I absolutely love that dark striped tie that Anderson is wearing-it's my favorite of all that he has,and that watch is nice,too.
I live in Canada,so I have not really been keeping up on the American debates too much-but I am interested in what they have to say on certain issues,and there is still a long time before the actual election.

Pati Mc said...

Dear Mio!

Priceless pictures as always! You deserve and award! Thank you so much for capturing Anderson so beautifully!

Please keep us posted about the earthquakes. That is horrifying! Please stay safe!

That is not how you want to meet Anderson. My goodness! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio! Regarding the watch, I think that's not the old one, it doesn't have a white face. And, please be safe.


mio_bella said...

Epicenter is our city! We've have 18 earthquakes by now. Not all of them are big. My dog is frightened and she is trembling. She hasn't eaten anything since this morning.

I didn't know you are in Canada! One of my coworker is from Canada, too.

Thank you for the compliments! I terribly love Anderson, you know, and I think I know when he looks brilliant. When I have enough time to do this picture capture thing, I choose the nicest moment very carefully.

Oops! Another big earthquake!

Yeah, that doesn't have white face but it is not silver. Another watch? I haven't paid so much attention on his watch so far.