Monday, June 25, 2007

Severe AnderDrought

It seems like I have been suffering from a severe Ander drought for a long time. By this time, I terrible miss him. Will he appear tonight? I don't know how I can survive. What shall I do?

Yes! I'm turning to the MOLE! Even though the show is pretty old, I cannot help being attracted by that too sexy host.

"Touch me properly" with those cute fingers

I love Anderson biting his nail.

Looking us squarely.



How sexy! Now, I am doing what I should be doing.

I wrote here a few weeks ago that I unexpectedly learned who the mole is, and who the winner is. By that time, I got pretty much hooked, but I lost my interest on the spot. Now I forget who that is, and I can enjoy the show again. This is really nice TV program. Really exciting, and, of course, a really handsome host!


anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
Anderson's hair was really short during his time on the MOLE.I really enjoyed it,too-I just watched to see him of course!
I really liked the Andercandor site,sorry to hear it's closed down.

Jan said...

Mio-Bella--Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures, Mio! He looks so thin during that time. I like the present Anderson better. But he still looks cute.


mio_bella said...

Anderson is young and I love that short hair, too. I never would have started watching this show if AC were not hosting. However I'm more or less hooked on the content of the show itself now.

Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like them! It's been a long time since you left your comment here. I'm glad you are here!

Yeah, he looks sooo thin! I think he has built up his body, which makes him even sexier.

Jan said...

Mio_Bella, thanks for the shout out. I had kind of gotten away from posting for some reason, but I have been checking in on your blog once in awhile. I will try to do so, more often.

Keep up the good work.