Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rebuttal to Obama!

For the first time to see this brilliant green tie?

Anderson was the most brilliant when he was rebutting to Obama's remark. Every loyal AC360 viewer in the world knows that he has never gone away from New Orleans. It seems that Anderson made his name by covering Katrina but not so many people do not know that he is still devoted himself to telling us what harsh lives they are leading, how desperately the victims are waiting for help, and rays of hope. I strongly believe that he will keep on visiting NOLA. Even though I am not an American citizen, I love to see his enthusiastic, sympathetic and warmhearted report.

Obama should go and see how big impact Anderson Cooper has on the city to garner votes he had lost by that remark. Once again, I am not eligible, though.


Pati Mc said...


You have no idea how irate I was when I heard what Obama had said about Anderson! That made me furious and I sent a nice note to Anderson via his Instant Feedback email. Arrgghh! Politicians make me insane! Of all of the reporters out there he chose to pick on Anderson? Obviously he does not know him at all.

Politicians frequently discuss things that they know little about and this was a perfect example. They are just blah, blah, blah. Well, at least we know what he is all about now. He is an amateur and this proved it.

Thanks for the great pictures. Being Irish, I have to say that I love the green tie. Glad to see that apparently people were generous to Anderson on his birthday. He has been wearing a lot of new ties and a new watch since then. He deserves it all.

I was very proud of the way that he handled his rebuttal to Obama. Even though you could tell that he was miffed and somewhat hurt by the comment, he was eloquent and respectful. I would have failed miserably in his place!

Think Obama will take him up on his offer to join him in NOLA? Maybe, but it makes me sad to think that he will do it for damage control and not because he cares about the people there. Abominable!

Delie said...

There is someone who should have big problems since yesterday: the media relations officer, publicist, campaign manager, "Spin doctor" - whatever you call that job in US - of Obama! The Senator made a big "Boulette", picking on Anderson for this case.
"Boulette" in familiar (but not rude) French is used to mean a fault, an error , a mistake, something you should have made and will cause some damage...

I like very much this new green tie. It's "osé" (audacious)but it's nice. Sorry, two French words in my post! I have some difficulties today to put togheter the few neurones of my blonde's brain. And, of course, there are those which allow me to speak English sometimes...

Mio, I hope you're safe! And thanks for the screencaps, they are so nice as usual.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio, I definitely agree with what you posted. I can't believe what Obama said when I heard it. My eyes and mouth were wide open. Of all the people he had to mention for not caring about NOLA -he names Anderson?! He obviously does not know Anderson and clearly does not watch AC360, or else he should have known. I was also thinking that he sure will lose a lot of votes from Anderfans in the US. I agree with what Pati MC says that if ever he accepts Anderson's offer it would be for damage control. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days Obama would be apologizing for what he said.

And for that green tie, at first it didn't agree with me. But as he was talking I noticed that his eyes stood out and it sort of became bluer. Maybe the green blends with it, I don't know. And of course, he looked HOT!


mio_bella said...

Thank you everyone for your perspective.

I am quite new to AC360 and still know how devoted he is to NOLA. Obama's remark was so insulting! Covering stories there is the biggest commitment of Anderson. It's like AC was slaped in the face without any decent reason. He must have resented when he first heard that. But as I wrote, his rebuttal left nothing to be desired.

It seems everyone liked this new green tie. I think it beautiful. And I did enjoy his new look. But I still think Anderson looks nicer with conservative ties.

As I already wrote enough of Obama, I will not mention again here. Thank you for teaching us a little bit of French!

I am now watching podcast and just saw that rebutting moment. I really love this. Not in a crazy way. Anderson was really cute on Monday's Happy Birthday messages. And I admit I did go crazy to see it. But this strong but modest remark is even better. I love him all the better.