Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Rerun!

Live AC360 finished at about 11:05pm tonight, didn't it? Hmm, I hope this is the first case and the last one.

When I think of Madagascar, I have an image of prestine wild life in vast nature. I was really shocked to see the image here.

This is ugly! After seeing this dog, my dog looks even cuter!

Anderson in distance

Come closer...

even closer...

So close!


Anonymous said...

I was so happy that Anderson was back again. But when the second hour began I was waiting for LIVE Anderson to be back and he never did. What Happened? They usually repeat the segments but this was actually a rerun like you said. I was sort of disappointed but having LIVE Anderson was enough for me.


Delie said...

Off topic: "Come closer...even closer..." reminds me a song Move Closer. I don't know who sang the original version but I remember Murray Head singing it. And after checking your blog, Mio, I have this tune on mind, again and again. You see, some nice screen caps of the handsome anchorman, some well found captures and you get a nice song of mind!

mio_bella said...

It seems everyone felt awkward being forced to watch exactly the same video. At least, we could see Anderson, which was good enough for me to make my day! (You know, I go to work after I finish watching "Live" AC360.)

I don't know that song, but I'm glad my post brought you a nice music.