Sunday, June 10, 2007

Planet in Peril: BRAZIL

This is the video I posted on YouTube a few months ago, and I got a comment today. She noticed that Anderson holds Jeff's hand!


I am not so sure if many people would like to see this, but here's the questioning moment.

Hmm, he just needed something to hold on.


beaslma said...

nice video ... love the AnderCandor recaps you do it's great to see it from a completly diffrent point of view with you being oversees. Especially loved the one where you asked why Paris is even relevant...a question we have all asked.

AS for the video...he grabs for something when the Sloth falls out of the's not like they were holding hands walking down broadway. :-)

Anonymous said...

All the gay blogs made a big deal about this when it happened. I just wish they would leave him alone.

Like Bealsma said, he just grapped for something and it happened to be Jeff's hand.

mio_bella said...

Hi beaslma,
I never want to imagine AC holding somebody's hands walking broadway! Oh? I can imagine that with me, though :)

Hi Anonymous person,
It was not until I got a comment that I noticed this. Now I know why this video is viewed by such a large number of people.

I agree with you,too. He just needed somehting to grab!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, when I read their comment on that I was saying to myself what's the big deal? He was surprised to see the sloth fall - it's a natural reaction. And as you said Jeff's hand was the nearest thing there. They interpret it as something else. It could have been his arm or his shoulder and they wouldn't have made a big deal out of it.


mio_bella said...

Yeah, this is no big deal. Our addiction will never be cured just because he grabbed Jeff's hand.

Sorry for taking up such a small incident, which took place a few months ago.

Molly C said...

I think it's cute that Anderson grabbed (not specifically) for Jeff's hand. You so very rarely see him genuinely surprised or unruffled that it's nice to see him caught off guard and react spontaneously.

Sorry, but I also have an question unrelated to your postings which I find well written. I might be traveling to Nagoya later this year and was wondering what time I can catch AC30 in Japan. I tried to e-mail you a couple times, but I must have inputted your e-mail address incorrectly because it came back as undeliverable. Thanks in advance!

mio_bella said...

Welcome, Molly!

That's strange. I'm sure my email address you found from my profile is correct. Here's the one;

Here in Japan, you can see Anderson from 11:00-13:00. Hmm, it's not a nice time bracket for visitors.

Actually, I have a plan to go to Nagoya, too. I haven't decided yet but I may be going there from the end of August to the beginning of September. When are you coming to Japan? Could we grab a moment to spend some time together?

Molly C. said...

Hi again, I'm having trouble logging into my regualr Yahoo account so I'm replying back this way.

I'm such a goofball, I was inputting your e-mail address without the "_" and that's why it wouldn't go through.

I'm kind of bummed that AC360 is on at 11:00; I had kind of hoped it would be on later in the evening so I could go to sleep after watching some Ander-eyecandy (and of course learn about the day's news!) . Oh well, I'll just tune into your blog for a re-cap of the day's reporting and screencaps.

My Nagoya trip is tentatively scheduled for late November, but it's not written in stone. And I think it would be neat if we could meet up, if not then, maybe in the future!


mio_bella said...

Hey Molly,

Yeah, it's not a good idea to cooped up with a room and watch AC360 at this time bracket.

I hope I can steal a moment with you while you are in Japan. Let's keep in touch!

I do have one question, though. You are not a "dog" are you!?