Saturday, June 09, 2007

Obama, You Should Check this Out!

On Monday, Anderson is reporting live from New Orleans. Really quick rebuttal to Obama, who left an insulting remark to our man. It's a challenge to the senator. Make him apoligize! This show is going to a nice one.


Phyllis said...

Thank God that finally Anderson is going back to New Orleans! If you have dared to watch CNN for the past week or month, its been wall-to-wall Paris Hilton.

Tells you a lot about CNN's and the American medias real priorities.

anne carter said...

Hi again,Mio:
I too am glad to see Anderson back in Nola-but I doubt if Obama will show up there,too.I found his comment about Anderson very insulting too,Mio.To say Anderson has moved on from NOLA is so wrong-he has roots in the Gulf Coast and will never forget what happened down there.He has done so much down there and has made a lot of friends,I bet-even the NOLA police
sent him a birthday wish.if anyone has forgotten the Gulf Coast,it's the government.
I doubt if Obama will ever apologize for it,though.
I agree with phyllis-way too much Paris Hilton.It was the same with the Don Imus and Anna Nicole stories,and there are so many more important things going on in the world,but those stories get shoved aside.
I wonder how many days Anderson will be in NOLA?

mio_bella said...

Welcome, Phyllis!
I am also agree with you. They are covering way too much about that hotel heiress. It's media's fault to produce such a celebrity who doesn't have any talent.
As I never lived in America, I appreciate your perspective.

Thank you so much for coming back!
By now, that African-American Senator realized how big impact his remark had on his vote. Anderson would definitely be the most popular candidate in NOLA. If Obama should pay more respect to Anderson and apologize to him, he might garner votes from NOLA citizen? Hmm, not a nice thought.

Annie Kate said...

I doubt that Obama's remark is the only thing behind AC's return to NOLA. He has been saying he was going back for a while and there has been several people who have put in instant feedback asking about when he would go back.

Also his family reunion is sometime in June - so this may line up with that.

I just think it would take longer than those few days between Obama's remark and the announcement on Friday to get together topics, arrangements, etc. to do a full show from there. I could very well be wrong, but I don't see AC going back on the basis of one remark from one candidate.

Hopefully he will get around to going back to Mississippi too.

mio_bella said...

Hi Annie,
Every loyal AC360 viewer knows that he has been trying to go back to NOLA every month. It would be disturbing if there were some people who think that AC would be broadcasting from that place tonight just because that senator mentioned Anderson's name.