Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Mole

I finally started watching the Mole. I've watched it many times but I was just watching the handsome host, not the content. Disc 1 has been on many times but I have never paid attention to the content at all. Now, I am pretty much hooked to the show. I deperately want to know who the Mole is! At the same time, I want to know when this was aired in the United States. I googled and then went to Wikipedia. Then... I READ WHO THE MOLE IS!!!!!

This reminds me of a talk with my 60-year-old collegue a few years ago. If you haven't watching 24 and you are to see it, don't read the following conversation.

Mio: I started watching the season one of 24.
Man: Oh, that is interesting!! The wife is shot at the very end!
Mio : .....(How come this guy told that!? What an inconsiderate stupid old guy!)

Now I unexpectedly know who the Mole is, I still have something to do. Yes, picture caps!


Molly C, if you make your plan, please email me. I have a plan of going to Nagoya too and I want to go there when you come to Japan!


anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
I love your screencaps,especially the one with the leather jacket,and the last one with that cute little grin!I wish The Mole season 2 was available on dvd,too.
The full season isn't on youtube anymore.
I hope Andy gets back soon,it's been a long week without him!

mio_bella said...

Hi Anne
By now our Andercraving is enormou! We'll soon find out if Anderson is on the show for tonight. I'm ready to scream!