Thursday, June 14, 2007

Life and Death

Although I did notice that John King said, "see you tomorrow night," the previous night, I still hoped Anderson was off on Tuesday in order to visit many people in NOLA and that he would tell us a lot more about the situation in New Orleans. Was Monday report the all? Hmm, not so satisfactory.

They covered a lot of stories relating to "death" for Wednesday's show.

1. A woman who died after left in the hospital not having get proper treatment
This is such a disgusting story! A janitor was paying attention to her vomit but not herself? And what about other people? I simply cannot understand why such a big hospital ignored her.

2. Mosque Attacked
I was really sad to that beautiful mosque being attacked. It must be a very important symbol for Shiite. Why cannot they respect each other?

3. Honor Killing
DON'T LET ME SEE THAT VIDEO! That's really disturbing. I appreciated their decision to air that image the other day, but once is enough! Do I sound selfish? I know there are many people who missed their coverage on his issue but they should have at least warned us that they would show a disturbing video.

4. Swimming across the border
People are risking their lives hoping to lead better lives in the States.

5. Gaza
We still see a complete chaos in Middle East, where people might be killed at any moment.

6. Lone Survivor
A lot of American people have been killed in Afghanistan. It seems to me that they remind us of the war in Afghanistan on a regular basis so that it will never be forgotten. This is AC360!

7. Campus Killers
By the time I watched this segment, I'd got pretty fed up with all the people that have killed people.

8. Congratulations, Miles!
Of all the stories that are related to "death," this is by far a heartwarming one. He looks all the more mature because he knows that his life is limited. That boy looks really confident at the graduation ant his mother looks really proud of her son. I almost cried when I saw him attend Prom with his girl friend.
"Everyday is precious," he says. And that remark has a special importance to him. It is not until you confront with death that you appreciate how happy you are to be able to live.
Why can't everyone appreciate their daily lives? Why do people mentioned above kill others?

Also, I looked back how I am spending my days. I suddenly became so embarrassed to waste too much time on the Internet.I was reluctant to watch the show when I saw John King at the beginning of the show. Personally I have a kind of aversion to JK, but in the end, he was brilliant!


Now, let's change the subject.As I have been learning English as a foreign language and teaching it to children in Japan, I am interested in that kindergarten, where kids are taught every subject in Chinese. Actually, I didn't find it extraordinary. In Japan, there are some schools where students are taught in English. This is the most effective way to acquire a language. I have never given such an education, though.I found it interesting when the teacher said that Chinese is a musical language. To me, English is a musical language too. Japanese sounds so flat. No intonation, no stress. I've heard that it is really difficult for Japanese people to learn foreign languages and vise verse because our language is too unique. It is not similar to any other language in the world. I learned that there are only two languages that do not belong to any group; Japanese and ... I forgot!

Speaking of learning English, let me tell a little bit about what I did for my lesson. I had the students make a little speech using a lot of additional information.

Mio: All right, please listen to my speech. I'll give you an example.
Student A: Oh, well, you are going to say that you want to be alone when watching TV, eh?
Mio: What? I didn't hear what you said. All right.

Topic; In what situation do you want to be alone?

I want to be alone when I am watching TV, --from Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00 to 1:00 in the afternoon, CNN news program with a super handsome anchor. I don't want to be disturbed! I really love that program and actually, I am pretty crazy during the show, -- I shout, cry, smile a lot, talk to the anchor on the screen and I often faint! I look like an idiot! I never want to let myself seen by anybody.

Now, 100% of my students know Anderson Cooper!


I don't take any picture of JK, of course. So I'll attach some pictures from the Mole! An anonymous person wants to see the face, rather than that huge eye picture. And Ann thought that picture was from the Mole, which is right!


Anonymous said...

Mio_Bella I was the anonymous that wanted you to post the whole picture. Thank you so much. It is really a good picture of him.

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
I love that closeup of his eyes-aren't they beautiful?His hair is so short,too.
I wonder when Anderson will be back-I haven't been watching since he was in NOLA.

mio_bella said...

Anonymous person & Anne,

I'm glad you like the picture of Anderson! He is really beautiful and cannot stop staring at him. Anerson is looking straight at you in the first picture, which is really killing me!

I finally didn't watch AC360 today. I was at work during the show and didn't record tonight's show. Was Anderson there? Well, I'm sure I can find out the detail on somebody else's blog or podcast.