Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anderson is Back!

I've been terribly missing you, Anderson! At a first glance of him, I screamed as usual. My cry startled my dog. She looked at me all of a sudden and barked at me!


I was shocked to see the image of the Taliban graduation ceremony. They are believed to be ready to become suicide bomber!? It may well be a propaganda, but still that video is enough to frighten all the people around the world.


Most expensive cities
1. Moscow
2. London
3. Soul
4. Tokyo
5. Hong Kong

15. NY
42. LA

Hmm, interesting.


I at first thought Candy Crowley said that there are some time that politician must make apoligize and that "they" got apology tonight.

He is sorry for his nasty comment toward our Anderson the other day? No. I never expect him to make an apology to him. For him, that was too tiny an incident.

Anderson in various background.

I wasn't thinking of posting his picture, but some of you might like it!

<----- I do love Anderson laying his finger on the lip.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mio,Yahoo! Anderson's back. I didn't scream and shout like you, but it did put a big smile in my face. I'm sort of relieved, I don't know why. Doesn't he look extra handsome tonight, or maybe because he's well-rested, or it could be that I just missed him so much. Thanks for the screencaps - we all needed that. Just want to say that he looks sexier now than when he was hosting The Mole.

Oh and regarding the apology - he wasn't saying sorry to Anderson, but to Hillary. He said something about her which he regretted saying, I forgot what it was.

Glad to have Anderson back but well, he could be off again somewhere, Sigh....


anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
I am so happy our Andy is back again- I missed him so much!He wore that beautiful tie,and he looked so handsome.
The Mole is really an interesting program,isn't it?They had some really tough challenges to perform-I liked it a lot better than most of the other reality shows.It's too
bad there are only 2 seasons of Anderson on it,and that they didn't do any more.

mio_bella said...

He always look deadly handsome after a long break! I agree. That's because we are terribly missing him! I'm not so sure if he is off again for Tuesday show, but at least I got completely satisfied to see him!

I am enjoying the Mole. Isn't it 6~7 years ago that the show was originally aired? Such a big time lag! He is so sexy in the show, but as Pebbles said he is even sexier now and I guess he is getting more and more attractive as he grows older.

Delie said...

Hi Mio,

Yay! Anderson is back! With my favorite tie... He was nice enough to take his vacation during mine! Merci beaucoup, Anderson :-)!
"Some of you might like it..." And I do! I like this expression! But I do love the last screencap! Thanks Mio!

mio_bella said...

You are back too, Delie!
I've been missing you. How was your vacation? I hope you have your battery charged and are ready for a lot of Anderson again!