Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was pretty amazed when I first saw blackberry a few years ago. But what's new about iphone?It's been said that iPhone is not so exciting for Asian people. In Japan, with the latest one, you can wach TV attached with the information of the program. You can even record programs, and play some movies on it!

With our cell phones, we can ...

1) make a phone call
2) send an email
3) connected to the internet
4) take pictures and send it
5) listen to music just like an ipod
6) use as a credit card
7) manage your schedule...
and now we can watch TV.

Actually, I am not a big cell phone fan. I don't really need it. I always use PC to exchange email, and most of the time, I am either at home or at office. I often forget to carry it with me, but I don't have any probem.


Anonymous said...

Anderson's so cute in those screencaps. You really know how to pick them. I love it when he was saying "Woo! iphone". He's so funny. It also looks like he was showing off his new Blackberry, Erica had to point it out because he was holding on to it. It was so cute how he was trying to figure out the Blackberry, taking a picture and trying to email it to Erica - seems like he still doesn't know how LOL!


Anonymous said...

The i phones have a flat "touch" screen; you have to use a stylus or just touch the numbers and letters. It's quite different from the BB's traditional "little keys". Some people might prefer the Blackberry for that reason. Anderson seemed sarcastic in his "whoo hoo, i phone", and doesn't seem like he's the type of person who rushes out for the latest gadget, to be the first one in his office to have it.

mio_bella said...

He was really cute not being able to use his own blackberry! I couldn't help posting many pictures.

Anonymous person,
iphone doesn't seem something new, but because ipod has already garnered this mass popularity, I understand why people are turning to this product. It looks so stylish.
Anderson sometimes sounds like he is interested in the latest gaddgets, like PS3, this iphone. But as you said, I don't think he gets them at once.