Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gecko Gecko

I admit I was pretty much attracted by how beautiful Anderson looked, I did not enjoy Tuesday's show so much. That's because I am an international viewer and not so interested in the fire, that professional wrestler, politics, immigration battle and SWMNBN. They are covering her story for tonight's show!? Yuck! Now we have only one hour show and spend that precious hour on her!? How terrible... But at least, we will be seeing Anderson's reluctant facial expressions.

I do love Planet in Peril.

emerald gecko
(I love its face! So adorable.)

tiny gecko
(Isn't this just a baby gecko?)

"Amazing discovery."
"I wish I hadn't gone there with Jeff. Otherwise, I would have had to jump again..."

I think many of you watched Tuesday LKL. I do love the Beatles and John Lennon songs. I checked out iTunes to get this "Instant Karma." You'll be surprised. It costs 4,000yen, equivalant to $40. Even though some of the money I paid will go to Darfur, that's more than I can pay. Then I turned to, where they offer the same album for 3,121yen. That's so strange! Music date is more expensive than actual CD including shipping!
In the end, I got one at I listened all the CDs and every song is great. Also I like donating my money to people in need. (click the image to go to

Along with this CD, I got a power yoga DVD. I take yoga exercise by myself watching a DVD at home. These days, I've been pretty lazy. There are two reasons. First, it's too hot! Second, I've using the same DVD for more than 2 years. I get pretty tired of it. If I have a new one, I am more likely to start performing more often. Some of you might have seen how I look like. I know. My biceps are in terrible condition, and so are abdominal, hip, thigh, legs... everywhere!


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio,

Great post as ususal. I wanted to give you a heads up - I did some research and my guess is correct - Anderson's tie is from Yale where he went to college - it is covered with the Yale Crest. As soon as I saw it I knew - weird! If you go to the website for the Yale Univeristy Bookstore you will see it. That is too cute!

I just read that CNN is planning on doing this repeat 2nd hour until August. That is disturbing - unless it means that Anderson will be free to do more serious stories. And now his Texas trip is not happening til Monday? Strange. I just hope everything is okay. It makes me worry. I have also been wondering why Anderson no longer goes with Jeff Corwin for Planet In Peril. I don't get it. =(

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your information! I've been searching for that Yale tie for a while and still cannot find the same one. Could you give me the link?

He might have escaped to Texas so that he didn't have any moment with that hotel heiress.

I do love Planet in Peril, but it would be even better if we see both of them together. I wonder where they will go next.

anne carter said...

Hi again,MIO:
I read somewhere too that the repeats are going on until August-by that time 360 will have no viewers left,I think.
I wonder if Andy's trip was postponed because of the flooding.
I really enjoyed the Beatles Larry King on Tuesday,so sad that all 4 members could not be together,though-that would have been remarkable.
I have to agree with pati mc,I wonder why Anderson has given up going to the PIP stories,it's not the same without him.
It should be interesting to see Andy's face tonight,if he's on,what with the interview with "her" on LK.

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your constant visit, Anne!

I don't know I really want to see it, but SWMNBN is on TV now. All the news on her are so annoying. I hate AC360 to be one of them. But as I said, he will come up with some cute way to avoid being serious if he is on the show tonight.

anne carter said...

There are so many impotant stories going on in the world,and "she"is the top headline.I really am so sick of hearing about "her",too.

mio_bella said...

Did you see Anderson just now? He seemed so mad, irritated, annoyed. It's like he is so mad to hear her story. How she made money? On her own?? She is talented? How annoying!!!

anne carter said...

He really seems to be angry,wow-it should be an interesting show,considering that reaction of his!

mio_bella said...

You're so quick, Anne! It's like IM!

AC360 is delving into how she became famous. Is he exchanging some chat with this stupid girl?