Friday, June 29, 2007

Helping People Reach Clean Water

I was more than satisfied when I saw tonight's CNN Hero. As I am dealing with water shortage problem in one of my classes. I can bring this video next week! Yay! I'll change what I'm supposed to do and watch AC360 in my school!

Another similar set of ties;

black x 2 yellow stripes

navy x 2 white stripes


Anonymous said...

Ryan is such a remarkable guy, like Anderson said. At such a young age he became aware and was able to figure out a way to help and make a difference. I'm sure his parents are so proud of him.

I love both ties, both looks good him. Well... anything looks good on him.


mio_bella said...

As I wrote, I am going to show this video to high school students of mine. I believe it will make a great impact on them as he is just a little older than them and is really broad-minded.

anne carter said...

What an amazing young man Ryan is.
I love the iphone screencaps,Mio-the expressions on Andy's face,so cute!