Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I don't have enough time to blog about tonight's show. But I cannot help capturing this!

While Anderson was talking to the lady on the phone, he kept staring "us" for a long long time! I was totally frozen! I couldn't even move. After that, I literally collapsed!


Anonymous said...

Anderson's got a stare like no one else on television. Intense.

mio_bella said...

Really intense. And his eyes melt me again and again.

anne carter said...

It's just like he's staring right at you with those beautiful blue eyes,isn't it?I can't help but stare back,and I'm so busy staring at Anderson,that I forget to listen to what he's saying sometimes!

Anonymous said...

I'd really love to have Anderson stare at me too, but I'd rather have him smiling at me than that sort of worried and intense look on his face.

I enjoyed the show today, especially the last hour. He was so funny during the last part of the hour. I kept on laughing even after the show was done. First, the theme song of Hillary - he obviously hates it and on his blog and in tonight's broadcast he asked for suggestions for the 360 presidential race theme song. They were dissapointed that Hillary got to the song first LOL! I didn't know 360's director was female, maybe that's why she gets the best angles for Anderson and we all love it. The last part about David and the fish was hysterical. Clearly, Anderson enjoyed it so much he had the clip repeated so many times, and in slow motion at that with voice over and sound effects - also in slow motion. What made me really laugh was at the end when he was caught by the camera doing the sound effects, I don't know if he did that on purpose but it was funny! Then he segued into signing off. He's so adorable!


mio_bella said...

I do love his smile but sometimes, his attentive look kills me! After that show, I felt so "love" sick that I lost my appetite. It's a good thing. I can lose my weight!

I posted that video you mentioned. I hope you enjoy it!