Monday, June 11, 2007

From AC's Second Hometown

I really cannot analyze how I am feeling. He really makes me excited just because he is deadly sexy today. However, the story of NOLA sickened me. Still, my heart is beating so fast and I am on cloud nine!

Now, they are talking about that hotel heiress, and I don't think I need to listen carefully and indulge myself in "seeing" Anderson, not listening to what they are talking about.

So how sexy does he look now? This sexy!

I'll leave home soon and I guess I'll write about tonight's show again later!


Anonymous said...

Great screencap Mio! And I agree with you he looks hot. His hair isn't combed neatly in front like he always does. I like it that way, looks natural. No gel or hairspray. I also love the full shot where his left leg was leaning on one of the pumps he was standing on.
I am sort of disappointed Anderson didn't have any segments. I like him to be out there and talking to the people. This is what he does best. He could have at least visited "Fort Apache" or see how Mr. Gettridge and his old lady is doing. What amused me was when "she who must not be named" segments come up - he really tries hard and makes sure not to mention her name. He calls her with so many names like convict socialite, the heiress, inmate, celebutante, and a city in France as a first name LOL! This made me laugh. I also loved his exchange with Dr. Drew. You can feel how he really dislikes her, because she doesn't seem to be making something out of her life even if she had all the opportunity to do so. I also laughed when he said that he wishes that she mustn't be so well paid for being annoying and crazy. True, very true. TV producers reinforce that attitude for entertainment, which is sad. Anderson didn't say see you tomorrow at the end of the broadcast, just I'll see you again. You think he'll be on vacation? Hope he'll be on tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you will post more screen caps?

anne carter said...

Hi Mio,
Oh,he looks so sexy in that picture!I wish they had covered more stories from NOLA though,and I agree with Pebbles,he is at his best when out there with the people.I was hoping for an update on Mr.Gettridge,too.
It was so cute how he kept trying to avoid mentioning "her" name all night!
I noticed that he said "see you again".I wonder what he meant by that?Does it mean a vacation or a trip to a Planet in Peril segment?
Hope you can post some more screencaps,Mio!

mio_bella said...

Sorry, I didn't reply to you sooner. I wrote a newer blog and hit the sack as soon as I post it.

I was not at all paying attention to the inmate segment. But Anderson was apparently annoyed. He had not paying attention but last night, he was a king of furious about that inmate and how that celebrity has been treated. As I wrote on somewhere, it is media's fault to create such a stupid person. They do that because they think we want to hear about her story, but do we really? At least, AC360 should turn it off.

I hope Anderson visited many people in New Orleans and tell us their stories. Expecially, as you said, I want to know how Mr. Gettridge and his old lady is doing!

Anonymous person,
How could I miss capturing even more pictures when Anderson looks deadly sexy! I posted a lot of pictures and hope you enjoyed them!

I don't like listning "her" stories but Anderson was cute. Did you catch the moment when he did mention "a city in France" on Friday's show? You can see Anderson's blunder(!) on Saturday podcast.