Friday, June 01, 2007

Finally cares about what to wear!

I haven't completely got rid of this nasty cold yet. I've finished all I should be doing for my work and not it's 2:00am. Isn't it better for me to go to bed? I know that. But I just cannot give up bloggin! Gee, I'm too much addicted! Then a happy thought occur ed to me. I'm going to set a timer. I'll stop writing within 30 minutes ! Ready Set Go!!!

During preview of AC360 (15 minutes before the show starts), he was wearing this black shirt... (later in the show, he was wearing this black polo for Raw Politics, too.)

Anderson changed his shirt! Maybe it became too cold to wear that polo? I terribly love this filthy Abercrombie field shirt!

Anderson took rather formal shirt and jacket with him to talk to the Chicago Mayer. When he went to NOLA and had a chance to talk to the Mayer there, he was wearing that worn-out shirt. Does this mean he is paying respect to this Mayer?

Talk with kids in Chicago. Is that the same polo that he was wearing? I guess so but it looks different.

Anderson was asking those kids if they have friends who were killed, which reminds me of Sanjay's report in Darfur. Everybody was victim in a way.

In poor countries, they are living in a chaos, constantly afraid of being attacked. But the U.S. is an affluent country. What's missing? I think I once heard Wangari Maathai say, "America is a poor country, too. People are poor in love." Here's my take on juvenile crimes;

The richer a country becomes, the poorer its people's heart becomes. Also, the more developed a country becomes, the more developed crimes it will have.

Juvenile delinquency is not a problem of the youth, but that of grown-ups. The young people mirror our society. We should at least offer a nice society for young kids. I am not talking only about the situation in America. As the United States is more developed, they have even more complicated crimes. And what has happened there is likely to happen in Japan. We should try to change ours before it's too late. (My writing is so abstract and so bad!!)

Another spelling contest! Check out Frustrated Anderson!

Was that spelling really on your tip of the tongue? He is so cute!

Alright! That's 23 minutes! I'll see you at AnderCandor tomorrow!


Delie said...


Your writing is not abstract and not bad at all. It's a great post! And the screencaps...Aww! Black shirt alert! Black shirt alert!
Thanks for all the caps of the funny faces of Anderson during the spelling!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mio, hope you're feeling better now. I agree with Delie, your writing is good it's not abstract at all. Thanks for the screencaps, he really looks cute. I was wondering why he wore that worn out field shirt of his during the live broadcast when he really looked good in that black one. Maybe he was uncomfortable in it, it looked new LOL! You know how he loves wearing worn out shirts.


mio_bella said...

I was somewhat relieved to know that you could understand what I was writing. I was writing this article in such a hurry. It was a nice try, but not a nice thing to have done.

I do love that black shirt, too! At the beginning, I couldn't tell that it was short-sleeved shirt, so I was wondering why he changed his shirt.

Now, I LKL is on. Larry is confronted by so many exotic insects, frogs, and Larry and his son's facial expressions are so cute.

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

Your writing is far from abstract, it was eloquent and very good! You are too hard on yourself. My goodness!

Thanks so much for your take on this situation - I totally agree with you, by the way. This is my counrty, but believe me I see it's faults all too clearly. You have said it well, my friend. The more "spoiled" we get the worse the problems. It sickens me that it is affecting our young people. It is a very disheartening situation. Your perspective is correct in my view. ;-)

You capture the best shots of Anderson! You truly see his heart and you capture it with your screencaps. This series of him spelling is so Anderson and so funny! He is just like that in person. Adorable, funny and well, just himself! It is no wonder that we are all so taken with him.

He is the best!

mio_bella said...

Hi, Pati
I'm so glad you wrote! Anderson is off tonight, but Sanjay just said he will appear on Sunday night! 4 hours of Anderson!? That's pretty overwhelming, but I cannot wait!

xtina said...

Sory I haven't viewed your blog in a while, but the Chicago report stirred me up and I m a "liddle" disgruntled at Andy for showing a microcosm of Chicago, when gang violence is prevalent all over the U.S. Hope you are now healed from your cold. Hope the NY trip wasn't to blame. Thank you for your pictures and comments. Your English gets "bedder" every day.

mio_bella said...

Hey xtina,
When I was watching Anderson in Chicago, I was thinking about you! Did you have a chance to catch a glimpse of Anderson in your city?

I'm feeling much "bedder!" Thank you for talking to me in "Anderese!"