Friday, June 08, 2007

Cyber Stalker

Have you ever read novels by Patricia Cornwell? (Wait a minute! I just noticed the name in the picture above. Is her name CORNWALL?) Reading novels written in English is one of the best ways to learn English. A few years ago, my English teacher was reading many of her books and recommended me to read one. At that time, "All right. I'll check out Amazon right now!" And that was all. I never read any of her books. ( I hope he won't come here! ) Maybe it's time for me to stop spending too much time on blogging and return to written media.

Anyway, this author's experience was frightening. But at the same time, I looked back on myself. Do I look like a stalker of Anderson? I started this blog to pay more attention to the content and to write what I learn and what I think so that I can improve my English proficiency.
Now, sometimes, I am more interested in how he looks and I am posting a lot of pictures! Is this a kind of plagiarism, too? I know this is something I should not do, so should I stop? But at the same time, too many people are doing this kind of thing, not only for AC360 of course. I fancy myself as a person with a strong sense of justice. I hate such an idea as you don't care because everybody else is doing. But I cannot stop posting beautiful pictures of Anderson.

"hilton checks out?" That's funny.

I don't like such a bimbo. Anderson was really reluctant to let this "news" on his program, but he had to. Poor Anderson, but I really love to see how much he dislike this person whose name he decided not to mention.
But is Britney OK? Before her breakdown, I remember she was introduced in this program as one of the most ambitious person who wants to get ahead. Hmm, those days are gone forever?


Pati Mc said...

Dear Mio,

You are not doing anything wrong with posting great pictures of Anderson. You are nothing but respectful and kind where he is concerned. It is only human to recognize that he is handsome - you are simply stating a fact. It is not like you get all crazy and stupid over him and forget what an amazing, intelligent great journalist Anderson is. You are always sweet and decent about him.

We all have our moments when we lose sight of what he is saying and are blinded by how good he looks. I call it human nature! LOL!

Keep doing what you are doing. You are not at all like most of the blog's dedicated to Anderson. Quite to the contrary, your blog rises above the crowd and I truly feel that Anderson would be proud.

All the best always!

Anonymous said...

Mio_bella I agree with everything Patti Mc says. I don't always post, but I love to come and see what you have to say and look at the pictures you post.

Alot of the good blogs about Anderson has shut down and it is nice to come to a good blog

mio_bella said...

Anderson has just appeared and he still hasn't call that young woman's name!

Thank you so much for your support. But I'll always have to keep it in my mind not to go too far.

That's human nature. Who can stay calm all through the show? I so much appreciate your appreciation of my blog. You are one of the biggest and most decent fan of Anderson. So your support is stronger than anything else. I will definitely be keep on doing what I'm doing!

Anonymous person
Thank you for your comment! I see many AndersonBlog or fan site shut down, I'm not so sure how long I can keep on doing but as long as I have this fascination, I will! (I can never imagine the fascination fade away!)

Anonymous said...

Well, on today's show it was inevitable. He had to say her name. It is pretty hard to interview the panel, talking about her without saying her name. I'm surprised they spent 35 mins. talking about her. I thought they would just mention it on the 360 bulletin, but then you know how ratings are. They need to cover the "news of the day" like other channels even if I know Anderson wouldn't have wanted to.


anne carter said...

Hi mio,
I hope your blog keeps going-I enjoy coming here every day.You always have such great photos.Yes,I guess we all go a little goofy over Anderson sometimes-but how could you not!So many other Anderson blogs have closed down this past year,but I always like reading yours,and you are respectful to him and his work.
Isn't it cute how he always tries to avoid saying 'her' name(Paris)?
Hope you have a great weekend,mio.
Take care.

mio_bella said...

Yeah, Anderson did say her name finally! I'm also surprised AC360 spent that long on this problem. Is that what Anderson wanted to do? I don't think so.

I'm so glad you come here every day! The more picture I take and the more I write, the more I get to love Anderson. It's inevitable I go too mad and scream in front of the TV screen!