Monday, June 04, 2007

Celebration concinues!

I was just about to go swimming before the show started, but I remember one thing. I haven't got completely well. I still have a stuffy nose. I cannot breathe! I canceled my plan and I'm updating my blog watching AC360 live!

Embarrassing celebration continues and continues!

And more!

And more!?

Anderson for the first time sees squarely at the video. Now he is so happy that everyone celebrates his birthday and so do we!


Anonymous said...

I love, love, loved the reaction we got from Anderson while his mom was talking to his cardboard cutout. That made me laugh a lot! It was priceless, you see him slowly sinking in his chair. I was afraid that he might fall off it but he got back up again. He's just like a 10 year old kid being embarrassed by his mother. He's so adorable! Yay for Erica!

And also when his mom was saying "I want you to do this for me in the coming year..." - I thought she was going to tell him to get married or something, did you think that too? Kelly Ripa's song was great even if it didn't really make any sense at least it made Anderson laugh. And it was sweet of New Orleans Finest to greet him a happy birthday. He is well-loved.


anne carter said...

Hi mio,
Thanks so much for the great pictures from Monday's show-I laughed all night long-is he not the cutest thing ever?The look on his face as Erica played all those birthday wishes-so adorable!I wish I could get one of those cardboard
Would love it if you could post those 3 birthday videos,mio!

mio_bella said...

As for what Mom said;

at first, I wasn't listening what she was saying because I was completely beyond myself. I was watching only Anderson,

the second time, I was just thinking just the same way,

and the third time, I clearly got what she meant. She would be really happy if he takes more rest, sleep and eats more.

Phew, I was relieved.

I wish I had that cardboard-thin Anderson Cooper in my room. In that way, I can constantly keep my room tidy!
I was thinking about posting some video clips from today's show, but I decided not to. Did you check out podcast? It has all the good moments! The nicest podcast ever!