Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Carp!

I know I should be blogging about all the refugees suffering from their harship. By now, I suppose so many people have already write about that. I have a lot to say, but you might be more interested to see this!

Anderson is so lovely!

Here are some photos from Wednesday's show.


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

I am so thankful that you posted this video! Anderson had me laughing so hard that I could not get to sleep for a while after the show last night even though I had to get up a few hours later. Thanks Anderson - I was wide awake after that one. :)

Also, this is bad of me, but the sounds that Anderson made during the slo-mo version actually sound very sexy and suggestive! Wow! I am just saying...*blushes*

anne carter said...

Thanks so much for posting the video,Mio-I missed some of the show
and did not get to see it-Andy is so funny doing all those special effects.I like your screencaps,especially the last one,what a cute grin!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mio for the video and screencaps! Anderson is very lovely indeed. I had a good laugh again he really is so adorable.


mio_bella said...

I really love his sexy voice, too. I also find it "suggestive!"

I'm glad you can finally see the funniest part of the Wednesday's show. The quality is not so good, but at least you can hear that sexy voice.

He showed this video again and again tonight. Anderson is indirectly teasing Jeff. How adorable! I wonder how many times we are being forced to watch. I'll count it later!

Delie said...

After reading your comments, I had to watch it again, but only to hear and focus on the sexy and suggestive voice!

Thanks for the video, Mio.