Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brilliant Anderson is Back!

It's your turn, Anderson!

So similar tie to the one he wore last night.

I was really reluctant when I heard that they would cover stories on that Paris Hilton. The show spent whole one hour on it! However, in the end, I was completely satisfied with perspectives of AC360 and Anderson's attitude.
Anderson finally mentioned her name and that's when he firmly decided to take this story seriously. He did seem so irritated. He is also the one who can live with all the money he inherits. He made use of his privileged situation and found his bliss. Anderson and that bimbo had raised in a very wealthy family. However how they made their career is so different. To Anderson, the way he had spent in his younger days is so natural, being educated in good school, traveling and seeing around the plight of people worldwide. But what she is doing is completely different, which is disturbing enough to make Anderson angry.

This is so quick! When did they steal some time to talk to each other? While they were airing some videotapes? Or during a commercial break?

Non-taped second hour is back! Thanks to Paris? They should stop airing the 1st hour from now on.

We could see a bit of Anderson in Greenland. Now I see him, I imagine the situation where he couldn't take a shower nor even brush his teeth for five days.

I did love seeing all the exotic animals Jeff showed us. However, I don't want to post pictures of caterpillar or lizard any more. The following picture is even bedder!


Anonymous said...

It had to take an hour of Paris Hilton coverage for us to get a 2nd hour of LIVE Anderson again. I don't know if it will last throughout the week. I hope something more significant happens so we can have him on for the 2nd hour. They had a recap again of her on the second hour. I wish they didn't have to because they already spent the 1st hour on her. What really made me enjoy watching was how obvious Anderson's dislike is for her. Even one member of the panel noticed it. Anderson said he doesn't really hate her but he just doesn't get her appeal and she chose to waste her life on partying and promoting herself rather than do something significant. Funny also how Lisa Bloom mentioned Anderson as an example for priveleged people who has done something significant with their life.

It was pretty obvious that PH was lying about finding GOD and reading the bible. If she was sincere and learned something from it, she could have at least mentioned or explained a parable or a passage which touched her or related to her situation. It isn't that hard, if what she's saying is true. But as the PR consultant was saying, no one believes her anyway.

Larry's interview with PH was taped I think in the afternoon so there was plenty of time for Anderson and Larry to have that exchange.


anne carter said...

HI Mio:
It is quite obvious that he has no use for "her".There is such a difference between his family and "hers".They both come from a wealthy,priviledged background,but Anderson chose to do something good with his life,and for that we
can be proud of him."She" on the other hand,is just plain useless.
Our Andy was so sarcastic with his comments last night,wasn't he?
Let's just hope "She" will maybe disappear forever!That is just wishful thinking.
I love that last photo!

Delie said...

Hi Mio,

I became very upset when I read the promo for Thursday's show on AC360 blog. I survived yesterday but I couldn't watch another AC360 with Paris Hilton as main story! But I read the program page on and the promo was different: No hotel heiress but Senators and money! I prefer that!

Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio and Delie!

I vote for no more "what's her name" as well. Bleah :P

Anderson did make me laugh with some of his comments last night. You know he had to be irritated to have to cover that waste of flesh and space. He seemed really miffed several times, but he did make me laugh. Still I felt badly for him and hope that CNN let's him off the hook tonight. After that I doubt that we will see him til next week. Drat! I miss him when he is not on. :-(

mio_bella said...

I can't believe it! I just woke up and it's 11:40! I have AC360 recorded so I won't miss the first hour.

I fond PH lying silly, too. Apparently she had a lot of preperation for the interview so that she might look changed. But she didn't change at all even after jail experience. Stupid girl.

He was sarcastic and sounded pretty mad, which made him even sexier!

I read that,too! I went back to the 360site and still "the hotell heiress thing" is on. I wonder if they covered it or not. However senators and money thing is not so interesting to me, not being an American. I should learn a lot about what is going on in Japanese politics rather than this...

Congratulations! I found your comments on 360 blog! He was sarcastic, miffed, irritated,serious, and for PIP, smiling. We could see a lot of feelings. I loved yesterday's show.

I know I'm not concentrating on the program. I missed as long as 40 minutes! I'll watch again. Or can I see the taped one for the 2nd hour?

I found this information

"AC 360 will be live from 10 pm ET to the top of the 11 pm hour. The rest of the 11 pm hour will be tape. However, if there’s a breaking news occurring the program will continue live as warranted. This format will remain in place for the rest of the summer."