Friday, June 22, 2007

May I ask you a favor?

Will they choose "I don't feel like dancing" for the theme song? I didn't think it was a nice idea to use it for presidential campaign song. But isn't it a nice song?

When I heard this song, I remembered the New Year Eve countdown.

Anderson awfully loves this moment. I can watch it every night!

I expected Anderson to go to Madagascar with Jeff again this time. That island must be a really fascinating place for a wildlife biologist. Jeff is just like a 10-year-old kid who went to a zoo for the first time.

That hotel heiress will receive $1million after she comes out of the prison? That's so ridiculous!Nobody knows why she is so famous. Media has created such persons. That inmate wrote a letter and just that makes a news, or gossip. Even if there are some people who want to hear about her, why not avoid dealing with the news about her? At least on CNN or on AC360. I do love Anderson being forced to hear her stories though.


anne carter said...

HI Mio,
I loved the exchange with Anderson and Kathy Griffin-he was so embarrased!
I cannot believe someone is willing to pay 1 million to interview "her" when she gets out of jail-that money should be donated to a good cause,"she" does not need it.
I am really liking the Scissors
Sisters song "I don't feel like dancing"-I think it's quite catchy.
It was so cute when Andy pretended to wipe tears from his eyes-he certainly knows how to have a little fun,sometimes.

mio_bella said...

I guess you too have a rather boring time watching rerun of Keeping them Honest special. TV is on, but I am working on something else and not at all paying attention. (That's why I noticed your comment on the spot!)

I do not know who Kathy Griffin is, but I like anyone who makes Anderson smile and embarrassed.

anne carter said...

Hi again,
No,if there is a rerun,I usually don't watch it,Mio.I got home late,and when I saw Andy wasn't on I turned my computer on instead.
Have you had a chance to finish watching the mole,yet?The second season is on megaupload.I clicked on your youtube,then went to 'sirens embrace',they are all
listed there-I'm going to save them
There was supposed to be Homicide in Hollenbeck on CNN tonight-I think that is one of the best Anderson has done.
Have a great weekend!

mio_bella said...

Your reply is so quick! It's like we are communicating via instant messenger!

Actually I haven't finished watching the Mole. Watching a 2-hour show everyday is already overwhelming for me. But I will!

Anderson in Homicide in Hollenbeck is also great. At least, he will look super sexy again.

OH! Refugees in Crisis just started!