Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As I wrote for my previous article, I was not completely sarisfied with tonight's show. But I really enjoyed watching Anderson!

By the way, 360 blog said, "Monday's show
See an American town where the official language is Spanish. And not only that, if you're an illegal immigrant there, you've got official protection! Not everyone is thrilled. Watch tonight, 10 ET."

Did you see this segment there in the US?


anne carter said...

We did not see the segment you talked about-360 was really weird last night-it seemed like the entire show was rerun.I turned off
my tv for a 1/2 hour,then turned on the last 5 minutes-it looked like Andy wasn't even in studio-what's going on,I wonder?It's strange!
It's great to have him back,though.

beaslma said...

They re-ran a lot of the second hour word for freaking word. Even Erica's break-in for the news. The breaking news out of washington might have bumped it but i'll be honest i didn't watch the second hour i flipped and yeah didn't miss anything. I love 360, adn I know they do it for the "viewers who might have just tuned in" but when they re-run stories the way they did last night it is not only insulting but yeah annoying to those of us that didn't just tune in.

Delie said...

According to the AC360 web page, we're going to have this segment about immigration tonight.

Love your screen caps, Mio!

mio_bella said...

Actually, I record AC360 every day, but just like you, I turned off the DVD recorder for about half an hour, but I started recording again. You know, screen without "LIVE" might be nicer for screen caps!

Yeah, I agree. They did this just for non-loyal viewers. This might have been an experiment. I assume they got inundated with a lot of email ofcomplaint.

I checked out the 360website, too. Why don't just tell us whether or not Anderson will be appearing, or at least, who will host the next show? Honestly, that is far more important for me. (Gosh! I sound really stupid!)

beaslma said...

i could care less who is or isn't in the seat if they would just do the news. I swear i've already sent a "nasty-o-gram" to 360 begging them not to cover paris tonight and tomorrow for the entire show only to re-run it word for word the next hour. I doubt anyone saw it but it made me feel better.

I hope you don't mind Mio but since AnderCAndor is gone i had to have somewhere to vent :-) ha!

mio_bella said...

You did, too!? Actually, I sent an instant feedback on Sunday, asking to get rid of SWMNBN as I learned that she wouldn't get $1 million and that she would be appearing on LKL. How do you thing Anderson will deal with the transition? LK will ever have her talk with Anderson? That's a terrible idea.

Please use this place for ventilation! Actually that's why I set up this blog!

beaslma said...

I really don't know how that will play out. It's been very odd, first they said Harvey Levin would be hosting LK now they are saying LK will be talking to her, so yeah it will be interesting to watch. I can't see him being rude to her face, but I can see him just not really acknowledging her at all. It definitely won't be a Kathy Griffin moment. :-) That was awesome! :-)

When I read about the LK thing over the weekend, I thought ok here we go. He pitched himself a little fit over NBC, let’s see how they handle this. Then in the news break on Monday he makes the point of saying CNN wasn’t paying for it. Yeah I’ll believe that another day. You’re telling me NBC had money on the table, any amount, and she went with the freebie. Yeah I’m doubting it…oh well…I just really reallly really don't want them to spend any time on it, I hate Erica has to do it but it's a dirty job and with a new kid she is use to **it.

BTW – you mentioned being apprehensive about how the blog was good practice as you were not an English-speaking person, I have a friend in Spain (foreign exchange student from highschool) and your grasp of writing is way better than hers. She often will fall back into her language and forget that I only know pieces and parts. You write like you’ve been speaking English forever. :-)

mio_bella said...

I was taking a shower as soon as the first hour finished and I turned on TV. Again!? This annoying rerun thing!? Bad for viewers but nice for Anderson. If they are covering same stories, there's no need for him to stay in the studio.

I'm glad my English sounds natural. Now I am writing more English than Japanese! I blog, reply messages, amd exchange email in English! Thanks to CNN and the internet, you don't have to go to a foreign country to master a language!