Saturday, June 30, 2007


Another Anderson-oriented blog. I wonder if I am really watching a news program. Am I just watching this handsome anchor?? I've been pretty lazy not to write about any news that I've learned from this brilliant show.
It's your turn, Anderson! Didn't I say that a few days ago? But this time, not on purpose.

What was that!? What did he say?

Finally found out how to take pictures and send an email?

Is taking picture with blackberry or cell phone something new? As far as I can remember, we got the first cell phone with digital camera about 7 or 8 years ago.

During the Commercial break, we caught a glimpse of Anderson without makeup.
He looks pretty different. I love him all the better for this distinguished wrinkle.


Pati Mc said...

Hi Mio!

I am so happy that you captured this moment on tape - at first I thought I had imagined that Anderson said something. He said "not hearing Larry". That was so cute - he never even moved his mouth. Now he is a ventriloquist on top of everything else?

No end to Anderson's talent! I volunteer to be the "dummy" that sits on his lap.....LOL!

Thanks as always for capturing Anderson at his best in your pictures. Well, to me he is always at his best - but your pics are the very best - bar none :)

Dana said...

I think he said "not getting audio." Maybe he thought if he didnt move his lips we wouldnt notice?!? He is too cute when he messes up....Thanks for posting this. I missed it!

Soupy Twist said...

The first fifteen times I played it, I though he was "now can I go on." Then I decided to play it again and see how many syllables I could pick up and it seems like he said six instead of the five that's required to say "now can I go on." The next five times nah-ge'in-aueeo which would mean he's saying "not getting audio." So, I think I would go with the latter.

anne carter said...

It sounded to me like he said 'not getting audio',too.
Oh,I have to agree with pati mc's
comment,and I volunteer to be a 'dummy',too!LOL
Great screencaps,Mio-I like the one for the commercial.Anderson looks more natural with no studio makeup on.Of course,he never looks bad,but maybe sometimes they can overdo the makeup in the studio a bit.

mio_bella said...

I never expected anyone would answer my quesion but I've got some answers! I guess we can conclude Anderson said,"not getting audio." You are awesome!

I would love to become one of Andy's Dummy!! What a happy imagination you had! This reminds me of a scene from Chicago. The lawyer Flynn has Roxy on his lap and sings.
I'm so glad you like the pictures that I post. I'll keep up uploading more and more!

Welcome Dana!
Whatever he does, he looks so cute! Anderson might have thought that we wouldn't notice. That's totally wrong. We, Andercrazy girls meticulously watch every Andermoment!

Welcome Soupy Twist!
Wow!! You are amazing! You played the video so many times and analyzed the voice in detail! As I am not a native speaker of English, I found your explanation really interesting. "Now Can I Go On" and "Not Getting Audio" sound pretty similar.

Now Anderson's got a lot of dummies! He should practice speaking without moving his lips so that we can understand what he says clearly.
I do love Anderson without makeup. He looks really gorgeous with it, but as you said, sometimes it is too much.