Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was taking a shower as soon as the first hour finished and I turned on TV. This annoying rerun thing!?Yesterday, I thought this is insulting to loyal viewers who stick to this program for the entire 2 hours.

Now I think there's no need for Anderson to stay in the studio if they cover the same news stories. Anderfans can be satisfied as long as we can see live Anderson and one hour is enough to make our, or at least my day. And mere AC360 viewer can turn on this program anytime they want.

OMG! A horrible thought struck me! Are they going to make this program one-hour show!? Never want to let it happen!


Anonymous said...

You know what, I was thinking just that. Why the reruns? Maybe they're getting ready to make it a one hour program. There were some differences from the first hour though - the Tony Blair segment and the CNN Heroes at the end of the hour. But most of it was the rerun of the first hour. But for me, one hour LIVE Anderson is enough for me than no LIVE Anderson at all. He looked pretty handsome today. I think he was wearing a new tie. I liked that suit and tie combo. Definitely loved the Anderica banter especially on she who must not be named.


anne carter said...

I wonder if they are cutting back to one hour,too,but if they continue repeating the second hour like this every night,then it would be just as well to make it a one hour show permanently.i would hate to lose an hour,too.
If our Andy is on Wednesday night,I can't wait to see his face or reaction to the interview with Larry King and 'her'!

beaslma said...

They have done that in the past changed the second hour just a bit. AS for the one hour thing...i seem to have been the only one who finds the fact that they can put a 2 hour show into a 20 minute podcast quite annoying. I had for a while gotten to where all i watched as the podcast.

When he first started the "you're watching the only live news cast right now" i was annoyed because 10 minutes later they would go to pre-tapped. I guess that's why they added the "right now" part.

Here's the theory I came up with in my head last night. The SS are on a break from their European tour, they will be back at it after the 4th. I think AC wanted to chill with his buddies but CNN was all like yeah dude you were just MIA for a week so yeah no. So they have been cutting and running at the second hour so he can get some chillin' time. After the 4th things will be back to normal.

Either that or he has finally found a significant other and like other people when they finally find the “one” they don’t want to spend a moment away from the other.

Or – yeah I’ve put a lot of thought into this – maybe Miles is spending the week with Uncle Andy and he can’t keep him up that late.

Yeah I have to believe that after the 4th things will go back to the way it was. I liked it better when they would do a “special AC 360” myself instead of re-running the hour but that’s just me. I did notice on the “new” parts they inserted into the second hour LIVE wasn’t there so he was in his office getting ready to jet or had already left. Who knows. Maybe there’s a power struggle to get the show back to the way they originally had it back in the early days of 360. I know I would love that. More fun and news than news and a little of fun. … one can only hope.


Delie said...

I watched the podcast of yesterday and, at the end, Andeson gives the main topic for today's show... And I was so amazed about it. But, well, I just check the AC 360 web page, and yes, we're going to have some news about HER this evening! We surely are going to have a very strange AC 360!

Glad that the transcripts are back!

mio_bella said...

I agree with you. One live Anderson satisfies me enough. Before they started repeating, they did repeat a lot of taped videos. There's no point in Anderson staying in the studio. Why not release him and do other things to make the program a better one?

Yeah, it is a waste of our precious time watching the same thing again and again. There sure were some cute AnderMoments in second hour, but they can add that in the first hour.
I'm so bummed they decided to spare time for HER, but cannot wait to see how Anderson will react at the transition of the programs.

I agree with you, too. Program with more fun is much better than long hour of repeating news and a little fun. I'd also prefer special edition to the rerun of the first hour.

Ugh... I checked AC360website and saw the picture of that hotel heiress smiling to us. How come they will spend their precious "one-hour show" on her? That again made me want to send them another email of complaint.

beaslma said...

so i sent it...for the second time in two days... they aren't going to read it but it made me feel better...what do you think...

I am begging you guys again do not cover “she who must not be named” for an excessive amount of time tonight. PLEASE don’t make us sit through 30+ minutes of her tonight and then repeat it in the second hour word for word. I understand that after she’s on Larry you have to cover it, but I beg you to keep it at a minimum. She does not deserve the attention that she is getting for this. The fact that the “news” media was camped outside of the jail waiting for her to walk out the door for that photop seen round the world proves that we are right back where we started. –yes Erica was right that was a red carpet walk- Now if she comes out and…I don’t know…gives all her time and effort to “improve the world” not just her own then that’s a story, that’s worth talking about. The reason I love 360 is that you guys have a good idea what is “news” and what isn’t. This isn’t!! I know all about the “ratings game” but PLEASE leave this one to the other networks and other shows on CNN. IF you must PLEASE keep it at a minimum!!

AS for the question on the front page ….she makes her money by having her picture taken and having people talk about her which makes people want to have her at their events so she can have her picture taken and have people talk about her…do you see a pattern?

Loyal viewer from the beginning- don’t let me down,