Thursday, June 21, 2007

360 BLOG

I see "Bullies Beware" article in my RSS reader but when I go to 360 blog, it is not there. Can you read that article? Is it only my problem?


Anonymous said...

I read that article a few days ago in the 360 blog. If it isn't there maybe they took it out. Or maybe if you scroll down it could be somewhere there.

Today's show was good. I liked it when he was pressing answers from Rep. Emmanuel, Anderson was really into it. And they had to replay David Mattingly's piece again. I thought they were going to make it The Shot where he and Erica can make fun of it again. But then of course, they made fun again of no one else but she who must not be named. Loved it when he was wiping tears off from his eyes and Erica said, "I'll just give you a minute." I found myself laughing again. Boy, those two are really funny when they're together especially when they're talking about you know who.


Anonymous said...

By the way, did you get to see the tease of LK for 360 today? Kathy Griffin was his guest and she had a lot to say to Anderson, which I must say is what we all are thinking about. She just had the guts to say it LIVE and to his face too. I just loved the reaction Anderson got from it. He looked very amused and embarassed, and was giggling forever. Then he says, "Oh goodness, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy." All of them were laughing you can see LK taking out his glasses and wiping tears from his eyes LOL! I didn't get to see it LIVE but it's up on Youtube. It's also posted in freakspeakers and ATA, if you're interested in viewing it.


Delie said...

I just watched the LKL tease on ATA! And I can tell you it's one of the videos I will watch the most... Too funny and priceless!

About the CNN website, I don't have problem with AC360 blog but I notice we don't have the transcripts since Tuesday. Not only for AC360, all the other programs are concerned. I used to check sometimes the transcripts after watching the show... I hope they will fix it soon!

mio_bella said...

Thank you for your information. As for 360blog, it might have been a problem with widget reader, not 360. And I did miss that lady teasing Anderson. Actually, when I woke up, I already missed the first hour! Here in Japan, we have rerun of LKL so I watched that moment. He was so adorable.

I sometimes rely on Transcript page, so I'm waiting for it to be fixed. They stop publishing since 19th. When I show some segments to my students, that is really useful. If they don't offer transcripts, I will have to listen every word and type them! Yikes!!