Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2nd post for Monday show

I confess here. While I was watching the live show, I couldn't listen to what they were talking about. Anderson in this sexy polo is ... a... heinous crime! Every time he appeared, I screamed and nearly passed out! All through my day, I felt so intoxicated, not being able to erase how sexy Anderson looked. I lost my appetite, which was pretty good for me as I've gained so much recently.

Ugh, I hate to sound like a nerd, but this is "human nature!"

I couldn't help capturing Anderson's shot while I was watching the show. But how can I miss other sexy shots and really interesting stories!?

Planet in Peril from Chad.

I know I should have posted pictures of Sanjay or images of people around the lake. But would you enjoy that? I did capture some of them, but I think this is far better.

I was really shocked to know that 90% of the lake has gone! People in developed countries are enjoying wealthy lives. In consequence, African people suffer. We should always take it to heart that they are leading harsh lives.
Africa produces less carbon pollution than other conctinent. But they are suffering from the greatest impact. This is the sad truth.

Presidential Campaign
Mrs. Clinton seems to be one step closer to their ultimate goal. Well, Obama is okay, he made a nasty remark on Anderson, though. I might get excited to see the first African-American president. Hansome and popular to boot. But I'm afraid people would not satisfied with him if he should be elected. Here in Japan, we have rather "young" prime minister. The youngest since WW2. People got really excited before he was elected. But now he seems pretty immature. I don't know what criteria America people want for their new leader. Here in Japan, we call for stronger leadership and enough experience.

How about more pictures?

Somehow, I like tiny but powerful Anderson.

How I wish I could run my hand through his soft and sleeky hair!

From what I analyzed a few months ago, Anderosn often goes to NOLA on Wednesday and fly to LA and then to other continent. He may be staying in NOLA for family reunion thing? Then to LA and Madagascar?


You need more?


You need even more? I can send you everything if you want to!


Delie said...

He should wear black more often! Thanks for all the Yummy screen caps, Mio!

About the show: not enough of Nola and too much of Paris H. All those people who haven't been buried, after two years?!? It's just so sad and unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Mio_Bella THANK YOU so much for these caps. They are all so good.

I agree I think he could have covered less of PH and more on NOLA.

Again thank you for the pictures.

mio_bella said...

I love him in black, too! He looks brilliant! I agree with you on NOLA coverage. I even forgot to write about New Orleans! There should have been more. I hope he met many people in person and heard their stories and tell them to us during his stay there.

Anonymous person,
He was so yummy last night, and I couldn't help posting a lot of pictures! I'm glad you like them!

anne carter said...

Hi again Mio,
thanks so much for those screencaps-they are sooo sexy!
I love seeing Anderson in black,and don't worry,you're not a nerd-we can't help being so addicted to our Andy.The more I see him,the more hooked I am!

mio_bella said...

Once I start capturing pictures, I get even more addicted! I watch him very carefully and find out when he looks the best! It's really nice I can share the pictures with every Ander-addicted person.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the Ander goodness Mio! You really know how to capture Anderson's best moments. They all looked good. It was so funny, when he was interviewing someone and he usually moves his hands while speaking, I couldn't concentrate on what they were talking about because my eyes veered toward his arms. His muscles are so prominent I know I've seen it before, but he looked extra hot. I don't know, I just had to say it I know you'd all agree.


mio_bella said...

I really love his strongly buit chest and biceps! I do exercise thinking about his biceps!

John King will host the show tonight. Less Anderson...