Saturday, June 30, 2007


Another Anderson-oriented blog. I wonder if I am really watching a news program. Am I just watching this handsome anchor?? I've been pretty lazy not to write about any news that I've learned from this brilliant show.
It's your turn, Anderson! Didn't I say that a few days ago? But this time, not on purpose.

What was that!? What did he say?

Finally found out how to take pictures and send an email?

Is taking picture with blackberry or cell phone something new? As far as I can remember, we got the first cell phone with digital camera about 7 or 8 years ago.

During the Commercial break, we caught a glimpse of Anderson without makeup.
He looks pretty different. I love him all the better for this distinguished wrinkle.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Helping People Reach Clean Water

I was more than satisfied when I saw tonight's CNN Hero. As I am dealing with water shortage problem in one of my classes. I can bring this video next week! Yay! I'll change what I'm supposed to do and watch AC360 in my school!

Another similar set of ties;

black x 2 yellow stripes

navy x 2 white stripes

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I was pretty amazed when I first saw blackberry a few years ago. But what's new about iphone?It's been said that iPhone is not so exciting for Asian people. In Japan, with the latest one, you can wach TV attached with the information of the program. You can even record programs, and play some movies on it!

With our cell phones, we can ...

1) make a phone call
2) send an email
3) connected to the internet
4) take pictures and send it
5) listen to music just like an ipod
6) use as a credit card
7) manage your schedule...
and now we can watch TV.

Actually, I am not a big cell phone fan. I don't really need it. I always use PC to exchange email, and most of the time, I am either at home or at office. I often forget to carry it with me, but I don't have any probem.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brilliant Anderson is Back!

It's your turn, Anderson!

So similar tie to the one he wore last night.

I was really reluctant when I heard that they would cover stories on that Paris Hilton. The show spent whole one hour on it! However, in the end, I was completely satisfied with perspectives of AC360 and Anderson's attitude.
Anderson finally mentioned her name and that's when he firmly decided to take this story seriously. He did seem so irritated. He is also the one who can live with all the money he inherits. He made use of his privileged situation and found his bliss. Anderson and that bimbo had raised in a very wealthy family. However how they made their career is so different. To Anderson, the way he had spent in his younger days is so natural, being educated in good school, traveling and seeing around the plight of people worldwide. But what she is doing is completely different, which is disturbing enough to make Anderson angry.

This is so quick! When did they steal some time to talk to each other? While they were airing some videotapes? Or during a commercial break?

Non-taped second hour is back! Thanks to Paris? They should stop airing the 1st hour from now on.

We could see a bit of Anderson in Greenland. Now I see him, I imagine the situation where he couldn't take a shower nor even brush his teeth for five days.

I did love seeing all the exotic animals Jeff showed us. However, I don't want to post pictures of caterpillar or lizard any more. The following picture is even bedder!

Gecko Gecko

I admit I was pretty much attracted by how beautiful Anderson looked, I did not enjoy Tuesday's show so much. That's because I am an international viewer and not so interested in the fire, that professional wrestler, politics, immigration battle and SWMNBN. They are covering her story for tonight's show!? Yuck! Now we have only one hour show and spend that precious hour on her!? How terrible... But at least, we will be seeing Anderson's reluctant facial expressions.

I do love Planet in Peril.

emerald gecko
(I love its face! So adorable.)

tiny gecko
(Isn't this just a baby gecko?)

"Amazing discovery."
"I wish I hadn't gone there with Jeff. Otherwise, I would have had to jump again..."

I think many of you watched Tuesday LKL. I do love the Beatles and John Lennon songs. I checked out iTunes to get this "Instant Karma." You'll be surprised. It costs 4,000yen, equivalant to $40. Even though some of the money I paid will go to Darfur, that's more than I can pay. Then I turned to, where they offer the same album for 3,121yen. That's so strange! Music date is more expensive than actual CD including shipping!
In the end, I got one at I listened all the CDs and every song is great. Also I like donating my money to people in need. (click the image to go to

Along with this CD, I got a power yoga DVD. I take yoga exercise by myself watching a DVD at home. These days, I've been pretty lazy. There are two reasons. First, it's too hot! Second, I've using the same DVD for more than 2 years. I get pretty tired of it. If I have a new one, I am more likely to start performing more often. Some of you might have seen how I look like. I know. My biceps are in terrible condition, and so are abdominal, hip, thigh, legs... everywhere!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I was taking a shower as soon as the first hour finished and I turned on TV. This annoying rerun thing!?Yesterday, I thought this is insulting to loyal viewers who stick to this program for the entire 2 hours.

Now I think there's no need for Anderson to stay in the studio if they cover the same news stories. Anderfans can be satisfied as long as we can see live Anderson and one hour is enough to make our, or at least my day. And mere AC360 viewer can turn on this program anytime they want.

OMG! A horrible thought struck me! Are they going to make this program one-hour show!? Never want to let it happen!

Lots and Lots of Anderson

Delie sent these to me. I awfully love them! I can see a lot of Anderson at one time!


As I wrote for my previous article, I was not completely sarisfied with tonight's show. But I really enjoyed watching Anderson!

By the way, 360 blog said, "Monday's show
See an American town where the official language is Spanish. And not only that, if you're an illegal immigrant there, you've got official protection! Not everyone is thrilled. Watch tonight, 10 ET."

Did you see this segment there in the US?

Quick Rerun!

Live AC360 finished at about 11:05pm tonight, didn't it? Hmm, I hope this is the first case and the last one.

When I think of Madagascar, I have an image of prestine wild life in vast nature. I was really shocked to see the image here.

This is ugly! After seeing this dog, my dog looks even cuter!

Anderson in distance

Come closer...

even closer...

So close!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Severe AnderDrought

It seems like I have been suffering from a severe Ander drought for a long time. By this time, I terrible miss him. Will he appear tonight? I don't know how I can survive. What shall I do?

Yes! I'm turning to the MOLE! Even though the show is pretty old, I cannot help being attracted by that too sexy host.

"Touch me properly" with those cute fingers

I love Anderson biting his nail.

Looking us squarely.



How sexy! Now, I am doing what I should be doing.

I wrote here a few weeks ago that I unexpectedly learned who the mole is, and who the winner is. By that time, I got pretty much hooked, but I lost my interest on the spot. Now I forget who that is, and I can enjoy the show again. This is really nice TV program. Really exciting, and, of course, a really handsome host!

No More AnderCandor

LB of AnderCandor decided not to update the blog any more. I was taking a little part of running it. To tell you the truth, contributing to that blog was tough for me, as I am not living in the States, and am not an English-speaking person. Sometimes, it is hard for me to listen to all the news stories. But it was really a good practice for me and enjoyed writing once a week. LB used to write everyday by herself. It must have been a really hard work.
Thanks to AnderCandor, I made a lot of AnderCrazy friends outside Japan.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

That inmate

I found that she won't be paid $1million after she is released, and that's good. But she is appearing on LKL on Wednesday! That's really quick! I don't think CNN will pay huge amount of money for her first interview. But would you like to watch it? And if LK is to interview her, there's a good chance of covering the story again and again on AC360. Hmm, this is not a happy thought. Anderson has decided not to call her name, so why wouldn't the program decide not to air her stories any more? This is not what AC360 is supposed to do.

Friday, June 22, 2007

May I ask you a favor?

Will they choose "I don't feel like dancing" for the theme song? I didn't think it was a nice idea to use it for presidential campaign song. But isn't it a nice song?

When I heard this song, I remembered the New Year Eve countdown.

Anderson awfully loves this moment. I can watch it every night!

I expected Anderson to go to Madagascar with Jeff again this time. That island must be a really fascinating place for a wildlife biologist. Jeff is just like a 10-year-old kid who went to a zoo for the first time.

That hotel heiress will receive $1million after she comes out of the prison? That's so ridiculous!Nobody knows why she is so famous. Media has created such persons. That inmate wrote a letter and just that makes a news, or gossip. Even if there are some people who want to hear about her, why not avoid dealing with the news about her? At least on CNN or on AC360. I do love Anderson being forced to hear her stories though.